Top 6 Best Alternatives to ZBIGZ

Top 5 Best Alternatives to ZBIGZ
ZbigZ is an ideal for downloading torrent files with top speed and least difficulties. Due to ZbigZ’s high speed torrent grabbing for premium members, ZbigZ merely unable to provide much support for a free user. ZbigZ servers often get down or caching issues might spring. That’s why we made a list of best ZbigZ alternatives
they are absolutely free with having quite high speed. Read On:

Top 6 Best Alternatives to ZBIGZ 

1. File Stream 
File Stream is the ideal substitute for ZbigZ in terms of its quality server and download speed. You need to upload your torrent files to File Stream; to grab you torrent files in minimum time. It also allows you copy Magnet links and paste it on File Stream that will encrypt connections so there isn’t any need to bother about your privacy. File Stream offers a free account besides premium package. File Stream doesn’t slacken your speed to ensure the highest download sped from ISP. File Stream gives exclusive download to your big torrent files so making you able to download with IDM. $2 to get a premium account to access on bigger size of torrents, but the free account can still be sufficient in terms of downloading.

2. Bytebx 
Bytebx is the another best ZbigZ alternative, Bytebx is free and works smoothly. Bytebx Premium service is much faster than ZbigZ with no download speed limitation. This platform provides 100 GB bandwidth for premium users. Bytebx comes with a quite nice user interface and it enables you download your torrent file without any irritation. You are even authorized either upload .torrent to ByteBX or paste Magnetic link to ByteBX. It is capable to cache the torrent and they will upload files to your owned account and after a couple of moments you will be provided the Direct Download link.

3. is an online service to store your big files and a combined bit torrent. It serves to download and add torrent into your own, personal, private online storage. It is capable to see RSS feeds to download automatically and make the downloaded files accessible in a lot of ways via application originated by volunteers. The service can also stream you content to your iOS device, Android device, Roku, Boxee, Xbmc, Plex.

4. Putdrive
Putdrive is a bit new for downloading torrent files. However, it also comes with a similar process and you just need to follow the same method as you do with ZbigZ. This platform provides one torrent download possibility but it will be nice if you have an extremely huge file e.g. up to 6GB torrent to download.

5. Get my torrent
Get My Torrent is a free service which allows you to download any torrent files that contain free educational materials,  non-commercial, non-copyrighted materials & software. It allows super fast speed torrent downloading experience without any seeders and leechers limitations. It’s feature compare to any premium torrent downloader without any restriction on user. Not registered users get 2GB File available for download with No Speed limit; Registered users get 5GB File available for download.

6. Furk
Furk is a nice service provider for torrent caching and downloading online by either DOWNTHEMALL or IDM. First of all you require to get registered with its free service but you need to enter an Invitation code to proceed. If you don’t have any invitation code, simply sign up using Facebook account. It should be ensured that you are login to Facebook to let it sync your account with Facebook.

So which one you gonna use don’t forget to mention 🙂

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