Top 10 best Online money transfer platform

1. PayPal
PayPal is one of the largest and securest online payment solutions that in addition to offering money transferring solutions at individual levels, also serving in online shopping and trading world as well. It has been officially recognized as an online mode of payment by most of the web based retailers and service providers. The reason behind too much popularity of PayPal is that it offers the fastest, safest and probably the securest means of money transfer. It deals with both individual and merchant accounts and offers the best possible money transferring options to its customers.

2. Payoneer 
Payoneer earned a good name in Asian countries where most of the international money transfers companies still not offering money transfer facilities. This innovative and international money transfer company is offering its online money payment and receiving services in over two hundred countries across the globe. The specialty of this platform is that it is very easy to manage payments via it. The users do not need to spend too much time on managing their financial transaction and need to concentrate on developing their business instead.

NETELLER is an e-wallet and e-money service that is also serving as a means for transferring money to others. One of the best things about NETELLER is that making payment via this service is very easy and payment can be made even to those places where credit and debit cards may not work. The money deposited through this money transfer service can also be used for online shopping purposes as well. When it comes to withdrawing funds or amount collecting at recipient part, the amount can be received into bank accounts and can be withdraw from the ATM as well.

4. Skrill
Skrill is an eCommerce and online money and payments transferring service that is making the online payment system simple and secure. Convenience, confidence and instant mode of payment are the three basic benefits that you will get using its services. In most of the cases, it only charge 1% amount of the money transferred. Skrill working process is very simple. The intended user first need to create a free account and start giving the detail of amount and recipient detail. The recipient can receive amount in their bank account and can withdraw from ATM as well.
5. MoneyGram
MoneyGram is an international money transfer service offering its financial services in over two hundred countries and territories. In addition to collecting the amount transferred at the bank counter, the amount can be received into the bank account or mobile wallet as well. Too much payment and money receiving options put the customer at ease. The service charges or commission rates of Money Gram depends on the transaction type customer choose. For the convenience of the users, there is online tracking system as well where the users need to insert the reference number to get the real time status of the transaction.

6. The Western Union 
The Western Union has the largest share in online and mobile-based money transfer market. It allows the people across the globe to easily send money to anyone living in another country. Its money transfer services can be acquired in almost two hundred countries and all territories of the United States. The main advantages of using the money transferring services of Western Union are that each transfer made by this is protected by the advanced security system. The advanced electronic technology and global information network ensure the fastest means of payment.

7. Payza 
Payza is a web based means for transferring payment from one country to another country. The amount transferred by means of Payza can be used for the purpose of online shopping and can be acquired from authorized banks and shops as well. It has a great presence in most of the Asian and African countries therefore, it is leading in these areas at the moment. Payza is offering its services at both personal and business level. The charges of opening account, receiving funds in BTC, and receiving funds in both personal and business account are same.

8. TransferWise 
TransferWise is called to be one of the largest means for sending money abroad in online mode. Sending money to other countries via banking channel is not a reasonable idea at all because it involves too much cost. Here comes the need of TransferWise that low charge charges as compared to banks and transfer the amount within minimum possible time. There are no hidden costs involved at all. Before sending the money, the person can see the full breakdown of fees for chosen transfer route.

9. WorldRemit
WorldRemit  is a web-based money transferring services that is offering its online financial services in most of the world. WorldRemit has a great presence in Asian countries where it is considered one of the largest means for sending and receiving payments. Its presence is in almost one hundred and twenty-five countries of the world. One of the best things about WorldRemit is that it charges very low fees and exchange rates cost. WorldRemit is offering four different modes of payments; cash pickup system, bank deposit, mobile money and Airtime top-up.

10. ACE Money Transfer 
It is a web based money transfer service for sending money easily, simply and in a hassle free mode. As ACE Money Transfer is incorporated and regulated by most of the government and official authorities of many countries so it is called to be, secure means of payment to anyone across the border. ACE Money Transfer payment modes are accepted and verified by Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, MasterCard Secure Code and Swift. In addition to transferring money in mode of cash, ACE Money Transfer also accepts the credit and debit cards as well.

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