Top 10 best Desktop virtualization software to use

Top 10 best Desktop virtualization software
Desktop virtualization is a software technology that separates the desktop environment and associated application software from the physical client device that is used to access it. Desktop virtualization provided via cloud computing similar to that provided using a software as a service model. This services provided as Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops such as Managed VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), which is based on VDI technology provided as an outsourced managed service and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), which provides a higher level of automation and real multi-tenancy, reducing the cost of the technology. The DaaS provider typically takes full responsibility for hosting and maintaining the computer, storage, and access infrastructure, as well as applications and application software licenses needed to provide the desktop service in return for a fixed monthly fee. Here best of these services are listed; if you are looking for one; read on:

Top 10 best Desktop virtualization software

1. Cisco VXI 
Cisco VXI is a complete virtualization experience infrastructure software that upgrades organizations to the next-generation workspace by integrating virtual desktops, video, and voice solutions. It comes with advanced technology that empowers IT departments by delivering a flexible, and all-in-one infrastructure for excellent user experience. The software works with the Cisco Virtualization Experience Client that conveniently integrates into the user’s virtualized infrastructure, and when linked it linked with Cisco Virtualization Experience Media Engine, the platform merges all voice and video, as well as virtual desktop capabilities in a single device. It offers a premium virtual workspace experience that is collaborative, and secure for all users that make it ideal for work environments, including contact centers, and telework environments.

2. OVD Enterprise 
OVD Enterprise is a VDI software solution that delivers virtualized Windows and Linux apps or shared desktops from private or public clouds. It is the most popular solution that enables users to implement any mix of devices while maintaining access to mission-critical data and applications.. OVD Enterprise is specially designed for those who want to manage servers, users, and app from a single web-based console without any extra effort. One of the best fact about OVD Enterprise is that it offers integrated logging, auditing, and system reporting features that deliver quick feedback to the system administrators. It also includes core features such as Microsoft Active directory, built-in software license management, proactive system alert.

3. Evolve IP 
Evolve IP is an all-in-one VDI environment solution, accommodates decreasing IT budgets while delivering a fully managed infrastructure. It is similar to a desktop-as-a-service program, though you retain control over the virtual desktop environment. The software provides rich media content and a very smooth desktop user-experience in order to ensure that your staff is able to perform their tasks while they are on the move. Also, the software affords you the ability to integrate your virtual desktop with your Active Directory that make it better than others. This VDI solution also includes core features such as private hosting, integration, Microsoft Office application, optional antivirus.

4. Maxta Hyperconvergence
Maxta Hyperconvergence is a complete virtual desktop infrastructure software solution that helps you to maximize your existing IT resources. It is an all-in-one solution and comes with all the leading tools and features to build a VDI environment on your own servers by utilizing standard hardware. Maxta Hyperconvergence Software allows you to run your VDI on clusters already housing other apps. Such as Uncomplicated VDI, platform agnostic architecture, data resiliency, app-centric management and performance, and capacity optimization.

IGEL UDC is a leading virtual desktop infrastructure software that transforms x-86, 64-bit endpoint devices such as desktop, laptop, and 3rd-party thin clients into IGEL Linux-based thin client that can be deployed universally. IGEL UDC is that it helps them in keeping their IT costs to the minimum and deliver comprehensive experience without any limitation. It enables users to apply granular customization and configurations as they manage their converted hardware or endpoint devices. They can easily customize the appearance of each device and decide how it will perform. Standardize diverse desktop environment, consistent updates, built-in enterprise-level security, firmware updates from technology, centralized endpoint management, and modular configuration.

6. FlexVDI
FlexVDI is a full-stack virtual desktop infrastructure software solution that is used by a growing list of businesses to deliver and run virtual desktops securely, and apps on any device, enabling them to mobilize their workforce a minimize IT costs. The software also makes it possible to distribute and execute desktop workloads and sessions from the centralized infrastructure that can be accessed in the cloud-based system. The SPICE protocol offers remote access capabilities that enable users to view virtual desktops anywhere on the internet. The protocol allows them to remotely connect to the virtual machine and perform actions easily such as audio recording, video playing, USB device sharing, and folder sharing.

7. Nfusion
Nfusion is an all-in-one virtual desktop infrastructure software created for secure and anonymous online research and investigations. It contains all the advanced technology and merges state of the art identity masking, integrated capture capabilities, and custom apps in order to provide specialized SaaS software for different users. The software helps users to eliminate all trackers identifiers at the end of every session that ensures that users are not identified and the pattern of life can’t be assessed. It also protects businesses by maintaining the operational environment separate from local desktop solutions. The solution’s VDI is deployed in the isolated environment, and infrastructure is protected with anti-malware tool in order to keep sensitive corporate data and documents safe.

8. Neverfail Workspace 
Neverfail Workspace is a VDI software solution that comes with all the major features and services and designed for small-to-large size businesses. It keeps your confidential company data and apps off from vulnerable devices and fully secure in the cloud. Despite its stringent security measure, the software delivers your employees with familiarity with desktop and solutions that can help them raise their efficiency levels. It is a scalable solution that can grow with you as your business expands that means that you can begin with a small number of provisioned desktop and deploy more as additional employees need to access to your network.

9. LISTEQ Cloud Desktop 
LISTEQ is an integrated and end-to-end desktop virtualization solution. It provides service and hosting providers with the opportunity to come up with own cloud-based desktop computing services or DaaS by which their end-user can access virtual desktops from anywhere. The software is perfect for both service and hosting providers and their end-users. That is because, in the DaaS model, the back-end responsibility of deploying, running, and managing the virtual desktop infrastructure including data storage, security, and upgrades are handled by the 3rd-party. With the help of this, hosting and services providers will deliver a virtual desktop to their end-users without the need to purchase and deploy a complicated system.

10. Nerdio Private Cloud 
Nerdio Private Cloud is a comprehensive multi layer virtual IT environment that is productivity-powered to allow efficiency from the get-go. It is a feature-rich solution that comes with all the leading tools and features for all size of businesses. As a private cloud solution, it offers three levels that provide you with virtual desktop and applications, security, servers, management and monitoring, and a host of support features. Also, it provides you with a platform for hosting your business apps, and if they already exist, Nerdio Private Cloud can aid you in migrating these seamlessly to your latest solution. There is also has a range of productivity tools that assured that your employees are able to perform their task seamlessly.

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