13 Best Forum CMS/Script to use

13 Best Forum CMS/Script to use
Forum or bulletin board is the best way to start discussion with your website or product’s user, clients or Just chilling out with a phenomenon, problem or solutions. To create a forum website you need to make a platform by coding, Or you can just use ready-made forum CMS (content management system). Here I’ve made a list for best forum CMS (platform) or bulletin board script/software. All forum cms gathered here are easy to use and management plus high end performance and satisfaction. Just read on the list, click on the names to get more information, download and use.

13 Best Forum CMS/Script to use

V Bulletin (Paid)
The best professional and business forum cms/software. You can find it anywhere all over the internet. They got customer like Nasa, Sony, Stream

  •     Real-time integration
  •     Extensive personalization (lot of third party themes)
  •     Content generation
  •     Mobile optimize
  •     Easy management ability to launch site under 15 minutes
  •     Integrated Seo
  •     Built in strong security
  •     Customer support

Price starts from 249$-399$. Trial available

Invision power (Paid)
Another superb paid forum cms what trusted by thousands of forum large and small! It has lot of feature and good support.

  •     Effective discussion comprehensive tool to discuss effortlessly
  •     User engagement
  •     Flexibility
  •     Superb customization
  •     Tool for promoting and sharing media stuffs on website
  •     Build in .htaccess, brute force protection, Xss protections
  •     Customer supports

Price starts from 30$ to 175$. Trial available

Mybb (Free)
Mybb has super easy to use interface. Standard discussion board structure what made with a motto ‘both for you and your visitor’s’ very popular and so on!

  •     Have an unlimited number of members, forums, posts, threads – and anything else!
  •     Mysql Full text search capabilities
  •     As many copies as you like, one database.
  •     Completely customizable with our intuitive templates and theme system
  •     Install or create as many different languages on your forum as you please
  •     Developed in PHP, compatible with MySQL, PgSQL, and SQLite v2 and v3 database servers
  •     Powerful user control panel
  •     Custom profiles and settings per user
  •     Custom profile fields
  •     Advanced private messaging system with tracking and multiple folders
  •     Reputation system allowing members to rate each other
  •     Signatures, avatars, buddy and ignore lists and forum subscriptions
  •     Attach multiple files to a single post
  •     Automatic thumbnail generation for attached images
  •     Click-able smiles and BB Code
  •     Quick moderation options for moderators
  •     Email notification of new posts
  •     Create polls with multiple options and attach them to threads
  •     Multi-quote – quote multiple posts easily in one reply

Phpbb (Free)
The most widely used open source forum cms or bulletin board in the world. Millions of people use it to build small or huge corporate forum.

  •     Modular design for the Admin Control Panel, Moderator Control Panel, and User Control Panel
  •     Support for multiple database management systems,
  •     Support for unlimited levels of sub forums
  •     Ability to create custom-defined BBCode
  •     Ability to create custom profile fields
  •     Permissions system
  •     UTF-8 Support
  •     User Preferences (customizable themes)
  •     Seo (Search Engine spider Handling)
  •     Unread message tracking
  •     Private Message System
  •     Statistics

Smf (Free)
Smf stands for Simple machine forum. Free and professional grade cms package what allows your own online community within minutes!

  •     Comprehensive template system
  •     Advanced permission and user management.
  •     Supports multiple languages at once.
  •     Open and well documented source code.
  •     Tracking of new and old unread topics, not just from your last visit.
  •     Designed for optimal performance and scalability.
  •     Multimedia output.
  •     Multi language support from a large community.
  •     Package manager that automatically installs or uninstalls mods
  •     Search the entire forum, a category/board or within a topic.
  •     Search within your private messages.

Bbpress (Free)
Runs on WordPress, Honestly wordpress is the only platform that can be shape in any cms. It’s easy to use, easy to administrate, fast and clean. But don’t let its simplicity deceive you; underneath the gleam, it’s got some powerful features and is highly customizable

  •     Open Source, always and forever
  •     Simplicity is a feature
  •     Speed and security are the foundation of any good user experience
  •     Put the user first
  •     Highly customizable as always!

AEF (Free)
Aef stands for Advance electron forum A Bulletin board or forum software what is more than meets the eye. More features, more customization and so on.

  •     UTF-8 Supported
  •     Seo Tools
  •     IP Ban
  •     W3C Validated
  •     News System with articles
  •     Shout Box!
  •     Threaded Mode for topics JS DOCK (for easy navigation)
  •     WYSIWYG Editors
  •     Customizable Themes
  •     Multiple Languages supported
  •     Time Zone Adjustment
  •     Automatic Updates
  •     Export Files and Database
  •     Suggest Framework for usernames while writing Private massages
  •      Domdrag (for reordering Categories, Forums, emoticons A new feature included for the first time ever in a forum software)

Punbb (Free)
PunBB is a fast and lightweight PHP powered discussion board. It is released under the GNU (General Public License). Its primary goals are to be faster, smaller and less graphically intensive as compared to other discussion boards

  •     Extension system based on hooking technique. One click extension installation, 
  •     No need to modify forum’s code anymore.
  •     Full UTF-8 support.
  •     More customizable styles, template system.
  •     New layout: markup, Css, language files updated, markup helper functions added.
  •     URL rewriting schemes, nice URLs built-in.
  •     Split/merge topics functionality.
  •     Multiple groups for moderators allowed.
  •     Searches are now case-insensitive, extern.php improved, more global, 
  •     Per-group and per-user options added.
  •     Certain “bad” characters are silently stripped out from the text input.
  •     Got rid of extras folder
  •     Hot fix system based on extension system for quick bug fixes.

Xmb (Free)
XMB stands for eXtmeme massage board. It’s lightweight PHP forum software with all the features you need to support a growing community. With outstanding community support and contribution, you will find XMB to be easy to setup, customize, and enhance.

  •     Forum Organization with Categories, Forums & Sub-Forums
  •     Easy to use Member Management
  •     Anti-spam image verification for registration and anonymous posting
  •     Private Messaging
  •     Inline Mass Moderation
  •     Easy-to-use Theme Interface
  •     Board Rules & FAQ System

Vanilla (Free)
Another open source fast growing forum cms. Dedicated for users

  •     Rich User Experience
  •     Slick Administration Capabilities
  •     Limitless Add-ons
  •     Custom Themes
  •     Change Title of add custom logo with one click
  •     Easily Import old Forum
  •     API system
  •     Social Connect
  •     Mobile optimization
  •     Vanilla Connect
  •     Banner
  •     File Upload

Fluxbb (Free)
FluxBB is a free open source forum software what designed to be fast, light and user friendly. BB’s code, written in PHP, has a proven track record of stability and security. 

  •     Supports PHP4 and PHP5
  •     Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
  •     Produces valid XHTML 1.0 Strict pages
  •     Easily translated into any language
  •     Support for UTF-8 (v1.4)
  •     Free for domestic and commercial use
  •     Distributed under GNU General Public License
  •     Built in Security

Fud forum (Free)
Full meaning of fud is fast uncompromising discussion forum. It’s a open source and extraordinary forum software. Super fast template supported, Usenet newsletter xml feed aggregator.

  •     Spell Checker
  •     Template System, Fast loading performance
  •     Multi language
  •     Group Permission System
  •     Private Messaging
  •     File Attachments
  •     Polls launch
  •     Forum and Topic Subscriptions (via Email, Icq)
  •     Full Text Search
  •     Online Status
  •      Clickable BBCode supports

Phorum (Free)
Phorum designed to be designed to meet different needs of different web sites while not sacrificing performance or features. A Php and mysql powered free open source forum cms.

  •     Performance a versatile product that can serve anyone’s needs.
  •     Forum Customization flexible hook & module system.
  •     Forum Design able to rearrange the data in any shape, form or fashion user or developer’s want

Last words, forums are extremely useful get to know what people talks and discuss about your site and product also a discussion group of any thing can bring out and solve problems and build networks community too. So decide what cms you will use for your forum website. Phpbb and Mybb are recommended but for business paid is always best and secure too. What you gonna use don’t forget to mention.

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