10 Best Free Flash Editor software to use

8 Best Free Flash Editor software to use
Flash .Swf/.Fla file editor what also call Flash builder/Flash code editor. Flash builders are those software what allows you to edit an existing Swf file or create a awesome Flash animation file form scratch. There are a lot of Flash editing software you can find around the web some are open source and free for everyone’s use again some are paid. If you want to know about Flash editing software what are free and open source and using them you will be able to create professional Swf animation or re-edit some one’s flash animation (Swf, Fla files) than keep on reading-

10 Best Free (Open Source) Flash editor software to use

1. Flash Develop
Flash Develop is a free and open source code editor, Flash Develop offers first class support for ActionScript (2 & 3) and Haxe development, Great completion and code generation, projects compilation and debugging, plenty of project templates, SWF/SWC exploration etc, The layout includes a useful snippets panel that has keyboard commands to show predefined commands It has built in support for many workflows and seamlessly integrates with Flash CS3, Flex SDK, MTASC, haXe and Swfmill.

2. Ming
Ming is a library for generating Macromedia Flash files swf files. Ming use a PHP Module that allows for the dynamic generation of Flash animations. Migrate your windows based Flash editing software such as Ming etc. online into the cloud with high performance citrix vdi from CloudDesktopOnline and experience the ease of comfort to remotely access it from anywhere on any device(PC/Mac/Linux/android/iOS). You can also access complete MS Office suite on the same xendesktop by visiting O365CloudExperts.com powered with 24*7*365 days impeccable technical support from Apps4Rent.com.

3. Ajax Animator
Ajax Animator build for a fully standards based, online, collaborative, web based animation suite.It’s a cross platform/cross format animation tool, primed to support Animated GIFs, SWF (Flash), SVG Animations, and more. This tool build with JavaScript and PHP.

4. Salasaga
Salasaga is an easy to use GUI authoring environment that helps you create visually impressive and useful Flash based learning material. easy to use GUI authoring environment that helps you create visually impressive and actually useful learning material. Also incorporate an AJAX, playback capability for advanced content creating.

5. Open Dialect
Open Dialect is a free and useful flash tool. Open source Flash IDE based on Adobe Flex created with the intent to help System Dynamics Modelers to create and publish Interactive Learning Environments to their work. it’s a free flash IDE which allows anyone from beginners to advanced Flash coders to create Rich Internet Applications quickly and easily. Use the Adobe AIR runtime and supports 17 different components and action script scripting can be done using either a wizard.

6. Motion Twin ActionScript 2 Compiler
Motion Twin ActionScript 2 Compiler or Mtasc can compile large number of .as class files in a very short time and generate directly the corresponding SWF bytecode without relying on Macromedia Flash or other tools.

7. Minibuilder
minibuilder is a free and lightweight IDE specially designed for developing programs written in Action Script 3. MiniBuilder provide a completely free and cross platform alternative for developing Action Script projects. Good interface and easy to use.

8. Vectorian Giotto
Vectorian Giotto is the free Flash animation software made for designer, not for coder! Giotto has full support for Action Script 2 and 3. Vector drawing (Use bitmap filters like blur, drop shadow, glow, and all blend modes), animations, sounds, filters. Giotto comes packed with more than 50 great effects that can be applied to both shapes and text, more than 100 effect presets (to show the new user the different ways the effects can be adjusted). Easy interface anyone can use.

9. Sothink SWF Quicker
Not open source again Paid but very cool SWF Maker & Editor for Flash Animators and worth it. Build Flash from blank canvas or edit existing SWF directly, without FLA file. Created animation Output type multiple media,avi, exe, gif, HTML5, HTML, javascript. Guide you to flash world through quick and simple workflow.

10. MTASC 
MTASC/Motion-Twin ActionScript 2 Compiler is an ActionScript 2.0 compiler written in the OCaml programming language by the company Motion-Twin. It is free software and can be used alone or with other tools like swfmill to produce SWF files, which contain interactive multimedia content playable with the Flash Player. MTASC is also much faster than the Adobe Flash ActionScript compiler.

Now, If you didn’t tried any of ’em for creating your flash file/editing your flash file, download one and use. And if you already use some software like this don’t forget to mention 🙂

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