6 best Free Email Marketing tools/Newsletter sending services

When you are going to run an online business project you must tell people about your project; allure them to you site and turn them into customers. The easiest way to do that job online marketers basically do Email marketing (proverb goes that ‘Email marketing is the backbone of any kind of online business’) sending newsletter to subscribers. That’s why here I made a list of such email marketing tools/newsletter sending services. And this list made it for beginners and small business projects; so I just listed those services what you can use for free with sending range of 500-5000 subscribers. Read on-

6 best Free Email Marketing tools/Newsletter sending services

1. Mailchimp
Mailchimp is the coolest free email marketing service. Their free plan includes 2,000 subscribers and up to 12,000 emails a month. Mailchimp offers both email templates and the ability to create your own emails from scratch with Drag and drop system, include WYSIWYG editor, subscriber profiles, third party integrations, analytics, customizable templates, a full-featured API to sync existing customer databases, shopping carts, sending plain text emails, Feedburner integration, default opt-in forms, simple dashboard easy to use all the basic features and manage and grow subscriber list.

2. Madmimi

Madmimi is the second best free email marketing service. Their free plan includes 2,500 subscribers and up to 12,500 emails. The free plan includes a variety of useful features including image hosting, reporting and tracking, Google analytics, a third party integrations lots of extension/plugins, sending plain text emails, WYSIWYG editor, default templates and forms.

3. Mailigen
Mailigen introduced their “Epic Free” plan that has all the features of their paid plans for up to 5,000 subscribers. Build your subscriber list faster using advanced web signup forms, drag and drop editor, survey clients, social media integration, reports and tracking, auto responders etc.

4. Target hero
Target hero’s free plan includes 1,000 contacts and unlimited emails. They offers strong contacts  management system that divide your contacts into groups, segment them by demographics, and personalize your message for results-driven, targeted email-marketing with a personal touch, strong  WYSIWYG editor with both one-click templates and build your own, image hosting, HTML and plain text emails, real time analytics, strong spam filters etc.

5. GrowMail
GrowMail’s free package comes up with Sending 2000 emails every Month for free. Unlimited subscribers and all features included. Features are cool too like Unlimited Subscribers allow you to have millions of contacts, subscribers. Unlimited campaigns sending, scheduling email, unlimited Image hosting, templates, Social Media Integrations, Auto-responder, HTML Editor to customize built-in templates, analytics. Spam score checker, Send in any language etc.

6. Elite Email
Elite Email is an old school Email marketing service what offers you to have 500 contacts are free forever, No time limit. 400 ready-to-use templates, social media integration, fully-branded subscription center where your customers can set up their preferences, enter their info and even edit their profiles, Over 80 interactive reports to track your results and ensure maximum email marketing success, Mailing List Management Simplified, powerful & easy drag-and-drop editor, unlimited image storage and easy personalization, spam filters etc.

So try any of these services and grow your business. By the time your project is progressing you can switch up to their premium services for using all features. Some of premium only services offers cost friendly email sending option with lots of cool features and they offers trial you can try them up too (like:-

World’s Easiest Email Marketing with Auto-responders, Create, publish and host beautiful, high converting landing pages in minutes, Live Support, better delivery rates, fewer bounces rate and stronger results, 500+ professionally designed email templates and drag and dropping customization, FREE access to over 1,000 stock images, A/B testing up to 5 versions and modern UI. Get-response offers 1 month free trial full featured.

Time-Saving Autoresponders, Seamless Integrations WordPress, Facebook, PayPal, Salesforce, Shopify, Heyo and many more to support all of your marketing programs,  Faster Email List Growth Mobile-ready sign up forms and email templates, brading, Easy Importihttps://crawlist.net/files/2015/08/ng migrate your current list in minutes without another opt-in, spam filter, live expert customer support etc. aweber offers 1 month free trial full featured.

constant contact
constant contact is one of the most comprehensive email marketing applications on the web, with a variety of tools, such as surveys and event marketing add-ons, built-in analytics, impressive customizable template database and social sharing features. they offers 2 months free trial to try all of campaign types as often as you like by sending to up to 100 contacts.

sending newsletter to subscribers is a guaranteed audience; everyone who signs up will receive your newsletter that means you will get a better Conversion Rates with your targeted audience (that’s utterly means success). So sign up any of these services and turn your entrepreneurship to success profession. What service you going to use don’t forget to mention. Goodluck…..

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