12 Best eBook Creator platform

eBook creator software enables the authors, writers and publishers to create their digital and eBooks. eBooks are the digital form of  traditional hard copies books that contains the all formats like simple book like text, images, graphical data, table of content, etc. Some eBook creator software enable their users to embed their multimedia files even in the eBook as well. Trend of reading and compiling eBooks is gradually increasing in the world because of the easiness and simplicity involved in this. One of the biggest advantages of eBook is that after creating the eBook, the users can publish his eBook on the top eBook selling platforms like Google Play Store, Kobo, Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBooks, etc. Here in this list some best eBook creator and management software listed they will provide you the at least three functions of writing, designing & sharing. These will also make you able to enjoy photo album creation, birthdays; anniversaries data book, cooking recipe database, cocktail recipe database, personal travel guide, personal dictionary, glossary, shopping list, simple generic database, personal wine database etc. Read on:

12 Best eBook Creator platform

1. Ultimate eBook Creator
Ultimate eBook Creator is a dedicated eBook creator for creating the books for the Amazon Kindle. It is able to create those eBooks as well compatible with other eBook devices. How to Self-Publish Many people have a dream of being an author and wonder how to go about publishing an ebook and specifically how to self publish on Kindle, Barned & Noble, iBookStore, Smashword, Lulu; All you will need is this software. You can write your eBook from scratch using the built in professional WYSIWYG editor or, if you already have your content in a text file or word document, then you can literally import all your content into UEC, organize your content into chapters and sections and have your e-book published in less than an 30 mins. It takes care of all your formatting and automatically generates your “Table of Contents”, so all your formatting headaches are gone.

2. iBooks Author
Create stunning iBooks textbooks, cookbooks, history books, picture books, and more for iPad with iBooks Author. iBooks Author is the name of a free eBook creator it is an eBook platform for Mac OS X operating system to create the beautiful eBooks and iBooks text books. Start with one of the Apple-designed templates that feature a wide variety of page layouts. Add your own text and images with drag-and-drop ease. Use Multi-Touch widgets to include interactive photo galleries, movies, Keynote presentations, 3D objects, and more. Preview your book on your iPad at any time. Then submit your finished work to the iBookstore.

3. Mobipocket eBook Creator 
Mobipocket eBook Creator is one of the easiest way to create a professional level of eBooks. Mobipocket Creator allows you to create ebooks from PDF, Word or text files and publish them. There are proper designing and management tools that will guide you throughout your stay at Mobipocket eBook Creator so that you can create the eBook as you want; UI includes a full featured ebook creator wizard that allows to make photo albums, date books, cooking recipe databases, personal dictionaries, travel guides, quizzes, restaurant guides etc. There is a proper table of contents wizard creator, and Adds metadata items and predefined bookmark links to enable quick access to specific parts of your publication.

4. Atavist
Atavist is a free & premium powerful & featured rich software to create the grate stories in format of eBook. Three main advantages of using Atavist are simple composition system, powerful designing tools and share the work with others or simply publish. Write and style text, then add all kinds of multimedia to the project, by dragging and dropping blocks. Powerful Design Tools  Shape your story with title designs, visual themes, page navigation, or with our developer suite. Share Your Way  Publish your project as a stand-alone link, as part of your site or publication, or to Facebook Instant Articles.

5. eBookBurn 
eBookBurn is one of the easiest and simplest ways to create eBooks; eBookBurn is an all in one and comprehensive eBook management system that can be deployed for the purpose of creating eBook and digital books. You can use it as your publishing software. The best about eBookBurn is that it is capable of creating eBooks of almost all popular formats that you can enjoy from nearly all the devices.

6. eBook Maestro
eBook Maestro is the name of a versatile eBook creator that is integrated with a lot of advanced level of compiling and designing features and functions. eBook Maestro is a potent eBook compiler that can both frame your ideas into an effective independent presentation and protect them against changes and copyright violations. The freeware eBook maker offers full support for multimedia content and various character sets to enrich and embellish your book or presentation. It can also restrict cut-and-paste or drag-and-drop options to effectively limit the use of your materials to a chosen interface.

NATATA eBook Compiler is an eBook creator for the Windows PC that will allow you to create your own eBook. The idea of creating eBook is getting more popularity because these are now being used as a marketing product as well making the users able to create the eBook of their product and share over the social media platform.

8. Blurb eBook 
Blurb eBook is an affordable, portable and highly configurable platform for creating the eBooks. It is up to you whether you start new project with Blurb eBook or create an eBook from scratches by uploading existing work, Blurb eBook will provide you the option for both. The eBook created by Blurb eBook are fully compatible with the almost all leading eBook reading devices and eBook reading software.

9. Kotobee 
Kotobee is a universal eBook creating and publishing software for the authors, novelist, writers, etc. For its advanced level of features and functions, Kotobee is said to be the most comprehensive solution for interactive eBook creation. Kotobee is in fact a technology suite providing interactive eBook creators and solutions suiting any individual or organization needs.

10. SNDLAB Ebook Maker 
SNDLAB Ebook Maker is an intuitive platform to create the eBooks like leading magazines. From anywhere and anytime you can start crating eBook by using the SNDLAB Ebook Maker. It is very easy to start creating any noble or text book with the SNDLAB Ebook Maker. The exceptional about SNDLAB Ebook Maker is that it make its user able to get the flowing books that are ideal for reading & publishing.

11. Liberio
Liberio has two basic features of creating and publishing eBooks, then Liberio will be suitable for that purpose that will deliver you both options on one platform. The best thing in favor of Liberio is its straightforward book creating system. Write, design and publish are the three most important advantages that you will surely like to have.

12. Jutoh eBook Maker
Jutoh eBook Maker is a cross platform and multi functional eBook creator, converter and publisher. This eBook management system is going to deliver you the solution to create, convert and publish at a centralize platform. It will make you able to easily create eBooks in both Kindle and EPUB formats so that these remain accessible from any supported device and software.

So which one you gonna use don’t forget to mention 🙂

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