10 Best Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Software

10 Best Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Software
Computer-assisted translation (CAT) software translates one language to another using translation memory which stores previously translated texts or crowd assistance to provide translations that are consistent with previously used language to ensure proper spelling, grammar, and phrasing. CAT software provides a more streamlined and interactive editing platform compared to simple word-for-word machine translation software. Computer-assisted translation software assists translators, helping them translate texts more efficiently and accurately with tools such as translation memory, phrase directories, and other terminology-related databases. Computer-assisted translation products often integrate with translation management software, allowing translation service providers to collaborate with translators and keep translation texts organized. Here Top 10 Best Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Software are listed; read on:

10 Best Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Software

1. Lokalise                                                                                                                                        Lokalise is the fastest-growing translation management system with clean and clear UI/UX and adequate pricing, trusted by thousands of companies worldwide. Being true multi-platform, Lokalise allows agile teams to translate in one place all their digital assets: web and mobile apps, games, other software, marketing and other documents. Lokalise works best when the KPIs include shorter time to market, reduction of costs, as well as elimination of fatigue and frustration by automating repetitive tasks.

2. Smartcat                                                                                                                                               Smartcat is an all-in-one platform connecting businesses and translators into a continuous translation delivery loop by combining a collaborative workflow solution, a marketplace, and a network of translation professionals. Smartcat is a free-to-use technolgy that allows any number of people work together without thinking about licenses. It is a cloud-based translation and localization platform that connects businesses, translators, and translation agencies in a single “Connected Translation” delivery loop.

3. Phrase                                                                                                                                               Phrase is a leading translation management system, and the most reliable way to localize a website or mobile application. This product helps teams of all sizes to scale their translation processes through smart automation. With the ISO27001 certification and TISAX AL 2 conformity, and with strict adherence to EU data-protection policies, Phrase ensures your information stays safe. Bring it all together: Manage your localization on a single platform and collaborate with your whole team online to create a better localization experience for everyone.  

4. Transifex                                                                                                                                         Transifex helps companies – from Startups to the Enterprise – go global. With SaaS-based Translation and Localization Platform, organizations can easily translate digital content such as websites, mobile apps, games, video, help centers, subtitles, and more on a continuous basis. Integrate with Transifex to manage the creation of multilingual websites and app content. Order translations, see translation progress, and tools like TM. Leading companies including Atlassian, Eventbrite, Salesforce, HubSpot, Waze, and Microsoft rely on Transifex to achieve a truly multilingual, international presence.

5. SDL Trados Studio                                                                                                                             SDL Trados Studiois the leading translation software for language professionals who want to translate and review projects, use terminology and get the most out of machine translation in one simple desktop application; it is a complete translation environment for editing, reviewing and managing translation projects either offline on the desktop tool or online. This computer-assisted translation software suite, a successor to the older Translators Workbench originally developed by the German company Trados GmbH and currently available from SDL plc, a provider of customer experience cloud solutions.

6. Crowdin                                                                                                                                                Crowdin is a cloud-based localization management software for teams. Efficiently create and manage all your multilingual content in one place. Localize your apps, websites, games, help documentation, designs, and all that creates a native experience for your customers around the globe. Speed up the localization process and automate content updates with Crowdin Marketplace agencies or bring your own translation team and Content integrations with your repository on GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket/Azure Repos Integrations with Google Play, Android Studio, VS Code and other systems iOS and Android SDKs.

7. Memsource                                                                                                                                  Management System helps global companies translate efficiently. It supports 500+ languages, 50+ file types, and 30+ machine translation engines. It enables its customers to increase translation quality while reducing costs using its patented, state-of-the-art AI technology. Global enterprises and international corporations,  language service providers (translators, proofreaders, and post-editors), technical writers and support documentation departments,  marketers that sell in multiple countries, software localization engineers.

8. memoQ translator pro                                                                                                                             memoQ is a computer-assisted translation tool, created by translators for translators. It excels at its translation productivity features. LiveDocs, Muses, MatchPatch and optional MT hits enrich standard translation memory and term base references and improve leverages; while flexible filtering and views creation options and template-based automations allow for more effective and convenient work. The tool is intuitive and you will quickly learn how to use it. This advanced technology serves you, and helps you concentrate on what you do best translation. It is designed for individual work for freelance translators.

9. MateCat                                                                                                                                              MateCat is a web-based computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool, of which there are several on the current market. MateCat is released as open source software under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL) from the Free Software Foundation. The objective of MateCat is to create a tool to edit machine translation results and manage localization workflow. The system is able to learn from mistakes, automatically improve over time and specialize in field-specific language to provide the user the most accurate translation suggestions in a completely automatic and transparent manner.

10.  LingoHub                                                                                                                                           LingoHub helps you localize software: Collaborate, automate and optimize your translation management with LingoHub; it is a translation management software that helps to create texts and translation projects in one place. LingoHub allows you to store, manage, and translate your content all in one place. Their intelligent system detects all text changes made in the project, makes sure translation is up to your personalized Quality Checks and takes care of all technical issues.

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