10 Best Android Emulator for Windows

10 Best Android Emulator for Windows
Android mobile operating system uses the Linux kernel to facilitate communication with the hardware and manage processes on the system. While Android can technically run Linux binaries, doing so requires superuser privileges that Android does not provide by default. For many devices, you can expect to see a custom ROM that has an integrated su binary but not all devices have one. However, the Linux kernel is flexible enough that it can be emulated well unlike iOS, older cell-phone models, and older Japanese Galapagos mobile phones. While Android natively supports mice, most apps expect users to have a touchscreen, so Android emulators will usually default to emulating touchscreen presses like DS emulation. Here top 10 best Emulator for Android given below; read on and find out which one suits your need the best:

10 Best Android Emulator for Windows

1. Visual Studio Emulator                                                                                                                            It is deployment, debugging, and testing software for Android applications, which is fast and responsive. This emulator is particularly crucial while installing a visual studio for Android, Windows, and iOS, and you can use languages like C#, JavaScript, and C++. The software allows you to validate your app faster, and this emulator software is running side-by-side with your windows phone emulator and helps cut time to switch between platforms. You can get powerful simulations using the real limits, and most of your time is saved with different debugging tools on physical devices. You can leverage a device profile that will help you have suitable Android hardware that you can run against the latest android versions, all you need to install a profile and get away with it in no time. Besides, you have multiple features, such as powerful android development tools, APK and file installation support, emulator updates, zooming of the display.

3. BlueStacks                                                                                                                                BlueStacks founded in 2011 and primarily focused on mobile gaming on computers. It is an android emulator that allows you to use android apps on your PC and Mac. BlueStacks android emulator runs the 4.4.2 KitKat version of Android. It has more than 210+ million users. This compatible android emulator gives you a customized windows app that is either the full window size or in a fixed size for the windows on Mac or PC. This android emulator gives a high-quality performance. You can easily install apps from the integrated Google Play store and also from the BlueStacks apps.

5. Leapdroid android emulator                                                                                                              Leapdroid gives you a better and smoother performance to run Android apps and games. You get access to the two VM applications by the Leopdroid android emulator. The first VM allows you to use a single instance of this emulator, which is the same as others. The second VM allows you to use two instances of this emulator at a single time. This android emulator uses the KitKat 4.4.4 version of Android. This android emulator is popular among developers due to its high performance in games installation and playing.

6. YouWave android emulator                                                                                                          YouWave is the one to run various android games and apps on your PC and Mac. This android emulator supports Windows XP, 7, and 8 with smooth performance. YouWave Android emulator comes with Lollipop android, which helps you in installing the latest apps and games on your system. This android emulator also comes with the feature of SD card, which allows its users to save games and apps on PC. This android emulator is highly compatible and is too fast in performance.

7. GenyMotion                                                                                                                            GenyMotion is a well-known Android emulator for running different android apps on PC and particularly for app development. This android emulator is a multi-platform as it runs on the top of the VirtualBox, which is there to provide its users the best performance regarding the use of apps and games. You can customize the settings of this android emulator according to your ease, and you can also download various apps and games from Google Play Store and other sites as well.

8. MEmu android emulator                                                                                                                       You can have the experience of downloading the latest android games on your PC by installing the MEmu android emulator. You can use multiple accounts for the same game, or you can also play various games at the same time on a single account. You can customize the emulator’s display on your desktop according to your requirements. This android emulator is considered as a good emulator among developers as it shows the best performance, stability, and compatibility regarding the installation and use of apps and games on PC.

9. Windroy                                                                                                                                          Windroy is an Android emulator that works with the Windows kernel. It is not the type of emulator that works with a simulator like VirtualBox. This emulator works on the real machine, which makes it super fast. It comes with all the best Android features that you can have on your PC. What makes this android emulator different is that you can not only download apps and games but also can download some amazing and latest 3D games. You get the real experience of using an Android by downloading the Windroy Android emulator.

10. Andy android emulator                                                                                                                    Andy android emulator is based on a mobile operating architecture that is compatible with PC, Mac, and cloud as well. This android emulator breaks the barriers between your desktop and mobile operating system. Andy android emulator also keeps its users updated about the latest apps and games that they can download from this emulator. The operating system of Andy emulator syncs itself with the user’s account, which makes it easy and fast to download various apps and games on the PC.

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