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Flipping TV icon Social Media widget for Blogger/Wordpress

After publishing some unique fancy social media widget like spinning Coffee cup and Candy or Social media widget with fan count I thought about to publish something fancier looking social media widget for bloggers. Than I found this awesome TV icon set on web and realize to build something upon it. Using CSS3 webkit perspective and webkit transform rotate (both generates 3D sideway flipping effect) on icons I build this widget. Flipping TV icon social media widget offers 6 slots Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linked in, Pinterest and Feedburner. If you planning to use this widget on a small space of your sidebar, Bad news this widget usually will eat up some spaces on sidebar! Let’s see how it looks like, how to install it on Blogger and WordPress blogs and how to configure. Read on- Flipping TV icon social media widget Preview- Live demo- ( Click here ) Codes for copy- <style>/* CSS starts*/ .ks-total {width:280px;} ul.ks-t

Add Floating Share bar with Count widget in Blogger

Floating social media and bookmarking share bar with share count is a very appealing and must have widget for Blogger blogs. It placed beside any post and this widget helps to share a post very fast and collect how many time post been shared. It also gives your blog a professional look and get more visitor from various social media sites. Several months ago when I did published a Floating share bar with icon from that time I thought about to publish a Floating share and bookmarking bar with count widget. And here it is, this widget developed by me its lightweight, simple and small looking, got share service Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Addthis. I didn't put other service like Linkedin, Stumble upon, Pinterest because I putted Addthis which integrated with 300+ share service include count. Build with CSS, HTML and necessary scripts. Let's see how it looks like and how to add this share bar in your Blogger blog. Add Floating Share bar with Count widget in Blogger 

Add Superb Contact form in Blogger (Pop up from labels)

Few days ago I published two contact form for your Blogger blogs, those contact form was pretty neat and simple (but high end). So I wanted to give you guys a cool contact form what has unique looking, more cutting edge styling. And here it is Superb CSS3 contact form, it's concept was taken from Dynamic Drive's prototype codes, I did took those codes and made proper use of it for Blogger blogs. It made up with CSS, HTML and CSS3 styling . When you put mouse on text area form labels (Name, Email, Subject, Massage) will pop up from labels. Below this contact form's code and configuration info given. Let's see how it looks, how to add in Blogger blogs or websites and configure Add Superb CSS3 Contact form in Blogger Preview- Live demo- ( Here you go ) Codes for copy- <style>/* CSS starts*/ .ks-confor {border:#ccc 1px solid; border-radius:5px; padding:20px 20px; height:550px; width:400px;} .ks-confor h4{font-family:sans-serif;

Add Pinterest Profile and Pin board widget in Blogger

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media site around web. It has more than 25 million active users where most of users are professional business holders, internet marketer. For entrepreneur Blogger’s Pinterest is important too it capable of driving massive amount of visitor to your blog. Promoting your blog with Pinterest, adding Pinterest profile and pin board widget in your Blogger blog is very important. And here with this article you’ll be easily guided to adding Pinterest Profile and Pin board widget in Blogger blog. Pinterest Profile widget for Blogger Show your Pinterest profile (Name and profile pic), thumbnail views of some recent pinned images, Images width is 80px. Preview- Live Demo – ( Click here ) Codes for copy- <!– pinterest profile starts–> <a data-pin-do="embedUser" href=" " data-pin-scale-width="80" data-pin-scale-height="200" data-pin-

Featured Post Widget for Blogger (CSS3, Thumbnails)

Got something special article and want those to highlight for visitor’s max attention, featured post widget can do that job for you. Here you can find an awesome, lightweight and hot featured post widget what made up with HTML, CSS and CSS3 effects and keyframe animation and Google font. it’s easy to configure and add to your Blogger blog. Looks good with every template and every type of site no matter they are Blogsite or portfolio sites. Contains 4 featured post slot and with little code knowledge you can increase and decrease slot number as you want. Let’s see how it looks like, how to add in Blogger blogs and how to configure Featured Post Widget for Blogger (CSS3, Thumbnails) Preview- Live demo- ( Here you go ) Codes for copy- <link href='//' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/> <style> .ks-featured { height:305px; width:305px; margin:auto; padding:1px 1px;} .ks-featured h4  { bor