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7 best Online Gradient Color code generators

Gradient color means two or more shades of color in only one image/background. Gradient color uses vastly on graphic designing, web designing now days and its popularity are increasing fast. In graphic design you can use Photoshop to make this gradient color and in web designing there is lots of online web tool can help you to generate this Gradient CSS3 and CSS color code simply with few mouse clicks and dragging, and of course there is a fun to use these tools, saves times and they are completely free. So read on the best online Gradient color code generator’s list. 7 best Online CSS3 Gradient color code generator Colorzilla Very powerful Photoshop like CSS gradient editor and generator with flexible preview panel. Provides features like Cross browser CSS output-Sass output, Horizontal-vertical-diagonal and radial gradients, Hex-rgb-rgba-hsl-hsla color formats, Complex multi stop gradients, Opacity support with multiple opacity stops, More than 135 gradient presets, Adjust gr

Add Google Map widget in your Blogger blog

Map is very an important tool for us. The uses of Map are widespread. There is a lot of Blog/website needs to show their physical location for reasons, in that case adding Google Map is the great and only option. Google Maps is the most effective mapping service available on the internet because Google map service is capable of providing directions to any destination and can even calculate the shortest or the least expensive travel route 3d street views (satellite imagery to provide users with greater detail of the area) The street view is amazingly accurate and precise You can get maps of any driving directions to almost any location around the world (Users can save and print the directions. Step by step instructions makes it easier to travel from one destination to another) Google Maps also Integrated User Reviews (You can quickly get information and opinions about local hotels and restaurants) Plan Routes with Commercial Airline Data and so on. Adding Goo

Share with count + Feedburner Subscription widget below posts in Blogger

For running a Blogger's blogsite you will need to use various widget for enhancing your blog outlook, performance and user satisfaction. Feedburner subscription box and Social sharing widget are one of those must have widget for your site. Feedburner subscription box help you to get email subscriber and deliver your latest posts straight to subscribers email inbox and sharing a post on various social media services can increase your blog’s visitor by visitor. With Crawlist several time I published both subscription box and Social sharing widget for you. But first time ever I publishing a widget what got both (Subscription box and Social sharing) into a single widget, Simple and don’t waste lot’s of place. This widget got Social sharing with count (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus) and Addthis service what integrated with more than 290 social media sharing service. And Feedburner email subscription what enhanced with HTML5, CSS3, Gradient deigned, Key-frame animation. Don’t want t