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5 Best WordPress Breadcrumbs plugins

Breadcrumbs is a graphical control element used as a navigational aid in user interfaces. It allows users to keep track of their locations within programs, documents, or websites. Breadcrumbs typically appear horizontally across the top of a Web page, often below title bars or headers. They provide links back to each previous page the user navigated through to get to the current page or—in hierarchical site structures—the parent pages of the current one. Most of our WordPress sites doesn't have Breadcrumbs so the user interface is not become very friendly to visitor, also if in Google search result your sitelink appear with Breadcrumb it increase site Click through rat,e so adding Breadcrumbs to WordPress site is very necessary, here top 5 Best WordPress Breadcrumbs plugins listed, they will support on most of WordPress themes without tweak, read on: 5 Best WordPress Breadcrumbs plugins 1. Breadcrumb NavXT Breadcrumb NavXTis the most popular WordPress Breadcrumb plugin;

10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Nowadays every site is more or less vulnerable to hackers also if the hosting provide doesn't provide very top quality server to host your site then out of nowhere your site could crash. Creating regular WordPress backups is the best thing you can do for your WordPress blog. Backups give you guaranty to save you in vulnerable situations when your site gets hacked, accidentally locking yourself out, random server crash or database failure, development mode failure etc. For backup your wordpress site there are plenty of plugins available, here we tested and listed the top 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins for you, read on: 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins  1. UpdraftPlus  UpdraftPlus simplifies backups and restoration). Backup into the cloud Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, DreamObjects, FTP, Openstack Swift, UpdraftPlus Vault and email and restore with a single click. Backups of files and database can have separate schedules. The paid version also backs up to Micr

10 Best Responsive Magazine/News WordPress Themes

WordPress is a great platform for running news sites and thanks to these themes you can create the next big thing. These themes can be used for any news niche such as tech, gossip, politics, sports, games and much more. All below-listed themes are highly customizable with unlimited color options, dozens of fonts, custom widgets and many of those themes has a built in drag and drop page builder to create unique and professional news portal with ease. Most of these theme comes with unmatched flexibility/responsive. Elegant design, unique demos, integrated translations, intelligent ads system, and no coding skills necessary, are just a few of its strong points. Here below top 10 Best Responsive Magazine/News WordPress Themes listed, Read on: 10 Best Responsive Magazine/News WordPress Themes 1. Soledad  Soledad is very beautiful and very engaging, modern and stylish, aesthetically thought out and profoundly dynamic and interactive, sleek and attractive, technologically r

10 Best WordPress Development eBook to read

WordPress is known for offering a huge number of themes and plugins which can add more functionality and features to your website. The best part is that you can even add your onto bring the best from the website. You don't need to be rocket scientist to customized theme and plugins, any one can do that All they need to do is some research and read about WordPress. Internet is full of many guides, detailed tutorials. However, the number of useful resources is very less and there are only a handful of websites and eBooks which actually helps in understanding the WordPress. If you are new to the Blogging world and wish to start your own website on WordPress, you should read this eBooks we are sharing, Read on: 10 Best WordPress Development eBook to read 1. WordPress from Scratch for Beginners There are many new bloggers who don’t have any knowledge about WordPress but, wish to have a website. This book comes as a savior for all these newbies as it covers all the bas

10 Best WordPress Starter Themes for Developers

If you are just getting started with WordPress theme development, you should start with easy structured and layout, neat and clean code base WordPress starter themes which has solid foundation possibly a blank theme with minimum design, and a basic or absolutely no layout. They have code to display posts, archive pages, single posts, comments, but with minimum or no styling at all. This allows theme developers to quickly start adding their own styles to build a totally new theme. Starter themes are different than a parent theme or a theme framework they provide a lot of hooks and filters for usage in child theme development. Here In this article, we have hand-picked the best WordPress starter themes for new theme developers.Read on: 10 Best WordPress Starter Themes for Developers 1. Underscores Underscores is the most popular of all WordPress starter themes. Maintained by Automattic, Underscores is a minimalist starter theme written in HTML5 and CSS. The clean code i