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Add 6 stylish list/bullet to Blogger posts

Blogger’s default list/bulleting system is using dots, dotting style is cool but not that much cool if you are little bit of stylish and want to stay trendy and also want to represent your lists with high-end taste . That’s reason here I am publishing 6 different style of bullet system calls Arrow, Minus, Check, Plus, Carrow and Star. Made with CSS, Google font , Sprite images and they are super easy to add; designed that way. Let’s see how they look like and how to add them to your Blogger blog. Arrow style .post-body ul {margin:0; padding:6px 0; list-style:none;} .post-body ul li {margin:10px; padding:0 0 5px 22px; color:#222222; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-position:-67px -558px; background-image:url(; background-position:-303px -322px; font-size:15px; line-height:1;font-family: 'Droid Serif', serif; font-weight:100;}/* bullet*/ @import url(https://font

Add ‘Text to Speech/Read it loud’ option to your Blogger blog

Sometimes site visitors/readers don’t like to read long full articles or they don’t have enough time to read long articles that case not to losing those visitors you can add ‘Text to Speech’ option on your Blogger site. That case you will have better visitor engagement, conversation rate, bounce rate etc. In web there a lot of ‘Text to Speech’ option you can find but most of them are not completely functional. But this service I use it’s cool and offer lots of function; this service will give you complete ‘Text to Speech’ solution with an advance way. Let’s see how to add ‘Text to Speech/Read it loud’ option to your Blogger blog, how to configure and run. Add ‘Text to Speech/Read it loud’ option to your Blogger The service we are going to use for adding ‘Text to Speech/Read it loud’ option name is ResponsiveVoice This service features: HTML5-based Text-To-Speech library designed to add voice features to web sites and apps across all smartphone, tablet and desktop devices.

6 best Free Email Marketing tools/Newsletter sending services

When you are going to run an online business project you must tell people about your project; allure them to you site and turn them into customers. The easiest way to do that job online marketers basically do Email marketing (proverb goes that ‘Email marketing is the backbone of any kind of online business’) sending newsletter to subscribers. That’s why here I made a list of such email marketing tools/newsletter sending services. And this list made it for beginners and small business projects; so I just listed those services what you can use for free with sending range of 500-5000 subscribers. Read on- 6 best Free Email Marketing tools/Newsletter sending services 1. Mailchimp Mailchimp is the coolest free email marketing service. Their free plan includes 2,000 subscribers and up to 12,000 emails a month. Mailchimp offers both email templates and the ability to create your own emails from scratch with Drag and drop system, include WYSIWYG editor, subscriber profiles, third party