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3 Responsive Navigation menus for Blogger

Recently I published high-end CSS3 made 2 different hover styled navigation menu also I published a cool multipurpose dropdown menu too. But none one of them are responsive. Those menu works fine on non-responsive template but if you using responsive template (adapts any screen size, tabs and mobile phone) also you turned off default mobile view on mobile devices then those menu using is worthless. That case we use responsive navigation bars. For your consideration here I am publishing 3 of coolest responsive navigation bars for your responsive templates. They doesn’t come up with dropdown menu but coming soon (working on that), made with CSS, HTML, CSS3 and jQuery. Let’s see how they look like and how to add them on your Blogger blog. Black responsive navigation menu Black oriented gradient colored; equipped with cool CSS3 transition effect, Google font. Live demo: ( Click here ) Codes: <div id='ks-pluto'> <ul><!– menu starts–

Add 4 Stylish 3D buttons to Blogger blogs

Someday ago I published a cool post featuring 5 cool CSS3 shaking button for Blogger blogs; Here I am publishing another super duper button base post go by the title of add 4 stylish 3D buttons to Blogger. These buttons made with 3D CSS3 Perspective formula . Looks modern and easy to add and configure. These buttons you can use in post for Linking (Download now, Submit now or Subscribe). Let’s see how they looks like and how to add; Read on:- Add 4 Stylish 3D buttons to Blogger blogs Live Demo: ( Click Here ) 1. Downwards Preview: Codes: <style> @import url(//; /* CSS starts*/ .ks{     border:none;     position:relative;     background:none;     padding:22px 80px;     display:inline-block;     text-transform:uppercase;     margin:15px 30px;     color:inherit;     letter-spacing:2px;     font-size:1em;     outline:none;     -moz-transition:all 0.4s;     -webkit-transition:all 0.4s;   

7 Best Feedback & Online Help desk software/scripts

If you needs to know what your site/service users thinks about your web project you may be go for contact form or forum discussion system . But those methods are kind of old schooled for high-end and customer base sites. In that case Feedback & Online Help desk software can help you a lot; cause these programs are developed for instantly collect feedback from customers/visitors and prioritize feedback from customers who are allows posting issues or suggestions, and others vote the feedback up or down. So as admin of site/project you will get a future reference about your service/product also you can take direct action based on feedback you getting. Here in this list I am gathered the best 7 Feedback & Online Help desk software/scripts ; read on and place them on your site. 7 Best Free & Open-Source Feedback & Online Help desk software/scripts User Voice UserVoice makes Product Management & Customer Support Software to help companies build better products an