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8 Best CSS3 Code Generators to use

The power of CSS3 is unimaginable; you can easily create cool effects with some variation of property. Here some cool CSS3 effect I already published like 5 image effects , Shaking button , Flash button , Pulsating search bar , Swinging effect , Floating social bar , Pop out social media , Flipping TV and many of them . Whether if you not familiar with these effect hand to hand or want to save time instead of typing here such best of CSS3 effect generators listed; these generators will generate various CSS3 effects have code snippet for live designing and generated code you can easily integrate to your web design. CSS3 is compatible with Mozilla Firefox 3.5+, IE 9+, Safari 3.0+, Opera  10.5, Chrome 4.0+. Read on:- 8 Best CSS3 Code Generators to use Css3maker The coolest CSS3 generator; it offers: Border radius, Gradient, CSS transform, CSS animation key frames, Transition, RGBA, Text shadow, Box shadow, Text rotation, Font Face, Download codes, code & preview snippet.

8 Best Webpage Speed Checking tools

Google made their statement about website speed very clear ‘The web should be fast’. Fast loading site gets a good position in search result, survives any present algorithm update and will survive easily, most of all fast loading site increases visitor satisfaction and generate more pageviews. Fast loading website’s basic ideas are Limited HTTP requests , minimized HTML CSS codes, Optimized images JavaScript codes . Your webpage size defines the webpage loading time. How much second takes to download all necessary contents (Codes, Images and Texts) of webpage in web browser that’s the loading time. To check your webpage’s speed and content weight you can use below listed tools; and take necessary steps to fix things up. Read on- 8 Best Webpage Speed Checking tools GT Metrix Set numerous conditions based on page Speed/YSlow score, Page load time, Total Page size, etc. Save and track multiple URLs from one location. Keep your reports for as long as you want. Webpage comp

How to Disable text selection in Blogger and enable it in some place

Some days ago I published a post about disabling text selection of Blogger blogs with script codes . But serious bloggers found some problem with that text disabling system, and they asked me how to disable text selection in every place of blogs except for some place where text selection will stay enable. Do I have a solution for that? Well instantly I told them use CSS to do that. And I think now lots of people need that full length tutorial using CSS to disable all text of blogs and keep enable in some place. Read on:- How to Disable text selection in Blogger and enable it in some place The main idea of this disabling tutorial is; your blog's all text elements will be blocked expect for Blockquote area. Only Blockquote area will stay enabled for coping on specific words; in post when you put some text with Blockquote area those Blockquoted words will be only free to copy. For doing this follow these steps:- Log in to Blogger, Select your Blog Go to ‘Template’