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Metro Social Subscription Widget for Blogger/Wordpress

Icon styled social subscription widget is looks random and simple, on the another hand metro/windows style social media subscription widget looks cool and smart. Before I published 2 different styled metro social media profile widget, and with this post I exposing just another metro social subscription widget with different format, Contains Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, Linkedin and Feedburner slot with hover effect and tool-tip. This widget will fit to any kind of website no matter it Blog or portfolio website. Let's see how it looks like and how to use it in your Blogger blog and wordpress sites. Metro Social Subscription Widget for Blogger/Wordpress Preview-  Live Demo- ( here you go ) Codes- <style>/* CSS starts*/ .ks-metro {     height:300px;     width:286px;     border:#fff 1px hidden;     margin:auto; } .ks-fbbox {     float:left;     height:150px;     width:150px;     border:#33C hidden 1px; } .ks-ttbox {

Colorize Social Media widget for Blogger/Wordpress

After presenting fade and spinning hover effect base social media profile widget few days ago now I presenting another simple but cool social media profile widget what I named Colorize. It uses two layer of social media icons and change there color with mouse hover. This widget offers 6 social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linked in, Youtube, dribbble) including feedburner feed slot. This widget is modern and sleek looking, easy to configure and use and looks fit in sidebar, header, footer. Let's see how it looks like and how to add it in your Blogger, wordpress sites. Colorize Social Media widget for Blogger/Wordpress Live preview-   Codes- <!– widget starts–> <a href=" profile "><img src="" onmouseover="this.src='

Add Truck style Social Sharing button below posts in Blogger

Blogger has default social sharing button below posts. But these buttons are that much tiny that visitor most of the time skip sharing a post part after reading post also this default widget does not contains any social bookmarking site. But sharing your post in various social media site is very important now-days. It drive a large number of visitor to your blog also bookmarking your posts to various social bookmarking site gives you powerful backlinks . So here I developed a fancy and compact social sharing and bookmarking button widget for your Blogger site. This sharing widget contains Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest sharing and Stumble upon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit social bookmarking truck style icon what made by Hongkiat and Me. It has a slow motion jump up effect on mouse hove and it's very fancy looking and very easy to add in Blogger, Made with HTML, CSS and CSS3 transition effects. Let's see how it looks like and how to add it in Blogger Truck style

4 Stylish Feedburner Subscription box for Blogger

An attractive subscription box can increase your email subscribers rapidly. And there is a lot of developers out there, who makes beautiful Feedburner subscription box widget for you. And as a Blogger fan I try to develop some Blogger widget for everyone, and try to make those widget unique , attractive and smart looking. That's reason here I presenting to you 4 different colored Feedburner subscription box widget, these widget's color can be match to your Blogger template, also comes up with eye catchy frames and effect enriched subscribe button, made with HTML, CSS and CSS3 . Choose what color you want and add to your Blogger blog. Hot Orange Feedburner subscription box widget Codes- <style>/* CSS starts*/ .ks-oranged{     border: 1px solid #F93;     border-radius:0px 0px 0px 0px;     -webkit-transition: all 1.5s ease;     -moz-transition: all 1.5s ease;     -o-transition: all 1.5s ease;     -ms-transition: all 1.5s ease;     tr

Hot: Compact Subscription box widget for Blogger

Subscription box is very important for a Blogsite. It helps to quick collect your email subscriber and distribute your future content update to your subscribers. Most of bloggers generally use Feedburner to deliver Blogsite's content update. And feedburner's default email subscription form is really not enough to get email subscribers, right? That's why I developed a email subscription form into a sidebar widget and this widget is integrated with spinning social media profile widget. This compact subscription box widget has cool animated shape effect base widget frame, Animated effect feedburner subscription form, Circle icon base spinning social media profile slot (contains Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin and Pinterest). And all effect start to work with simple mouse hover on widget areas. Done reading! let's see how it looks like and how to add it in Blogger. Hot: Compact subscription box widget for Blogger Preview-  Live Demo- ( here you go )

‘All In One’ Subscription box widget for Blogger

All in one subscription box widget is a widget what comes up with all Social subscription tools within a pack; here such a widget I am represent to you packed with Google plus badge on top, Facebook fanpage like box, Hot feed-burner email subscription form, and other social media profile slot (contains Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instragram, Youtube, Contact by email) all together. Made with HTML, CSS and CSS3 effects, this widget is alternative to mashable widget for Blogger. It may have huge amount of coding but this widget is easy to add and customize. Lets see how it looks like, how to add in Blogger and configure. 'All In One' Subscription box widget for Blogger   Preview- ( here you go ) How to install- This widget installation has three step, read on- Step 1: Back up your template (Optional step) Log in to your blogger, select your blog,  Select template option, click 'backup/restore' from upper right corner.  Download full templat

How to put any widget inside Scroll box in Blogger

There are a lots of widgets you can find what are very long/tall, uses a lot of place and those widget make visitors to hate your Blog (don't really like keep scrolling for other widgets) and you are not able to keep clean widget area plus can not even add as many widget you want in your limited sidebar. So what you can do about these problems. Yes there is a short suggestion for you, you can put your long/tall widget's inside a scroll box and let your visitor to browse every widget easily, save sidebar space and get cleaned up! To putting a widget inside scroll box is very easy. All you have to do is embed some line of CSS into your template. So let's get started :-  How to put any widget inside scroll box in Blogger Step 1: Embedding the code Log in to your Blogger, select your Blog,  Go to 'Template' tab, select 'Edit Html'  Now find (using Ctrl+F or Cmd+F) ]]></b:skin> And copy following code paste above ]]></b:skin>