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The 4 Latest Tech Trends in Photography

With so many advances and breakthroughs in the world of technology, it becomes very hard to follow the latest trends and to be able to identify the tech that’s worth your time and money. In the waters of photography there is always one or two tech items dictating the trends. Whether it is something that helps us always stay ready to shoot a perfect photo or a gadget allowing us to shoot photos from bird’s eye view, there are plenty of trends in photography enabled by technological advancements. So, let’s see what those trends are. The 4 Latest Tech Trends in Photography 1. Cloud Services   Cloud technology is slowly but steadily conquering the world of photography. The goal is to replace the old model where cameras have to store images in local storage, such as an SD card. A few months ago, Relonch introduced a new camera that looks completely the same as a standard DSLR cam, however, the photos taken by this camera are uploaded to the cloud storage via built

10 best Tools to Find Long-Tail Keywords In Any Niche

One of the biggest on-page SEO mistake is some people target direct keywords instead of long-tail keywords, that's why those site may looses a lot's of potential visitors, long-tail keywords usually drive more targeted traffic than short-tail keywords do, so your site's conversion rate improves a lot. If you are not familiar with long-tail keywords, here some quick example you can see to spot the difference between short-tail and long-tail: Long-tail Keywords (Ex. of short tail keyword) – Monthly searches 50 Long tail Keywords vs. short tail Keywords (Ex. of LTK) – Monthly searches 12  Long tail keywords conversion rate (Ex of LTK) – Monthly searches 13 So you may get the idea of that the last two keywords have fewer searches, but the competition for these two keywords is far less than it is for the short-tail keyword. For your consideration here we're sharing some of the best tools for finding long-tail keywords in any niche, read about them sign up and u

10 Best Frameworks for Android App Development

Android is the best and most used OS platform for mobile devices which possess capability of run billions of mobile phones in about more than 200 countries. It provides a great support for people around world to use unlimited number of games and apps on their phones alongside provides a huge open marketplace to developers for Android App Development. Android App developers faces a tough question when it comes to choosing a development framework for their Android app. The question is, which development framework will work best. The main reason of using frameworks is to increase productivity by reducing efforts which saves lot of time for developers to resolve any other issues in the app or game. Some of frameworks provides inbuilt tools for developers to work instantly on difficult and lengthy part of coding. Here best of these  Frameworks for Android App Development listed for your consideration, read on: 10 Best Frameworks for Android App Development 1. Corona SDK Corona