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7 best CDN service WordPress plugins to use

CDN full means Content delivery network, it's an advanced content delivery service that uses a huge distributed system of servers in multiple data centers to serve website content (Text, codes, images, video etc) to website visitors and give high end performance of website and visitor satisfaction. CDN 's content delivery system is very very powerful than your website hosting's server, and makes your website super fast loading (more than 200%), makes your website secure from various hack protection. In the matter of running WordPress powered blogsite using CDN is kind of mandatory. So here I listed those best and free CDN plugins name and satisfaction. Basically these plugin are use for launching the CDN service, basically you have to go to these plugin provider service to create account, add your site to service. So read on 7 best free CDN service to use for wordpress sites. 7 best CDN service WordPress plugins to use 1. Cloud Flare CloudFlare is the most popu

Add Slide Out Facebook likebox to Blogger blogs

For increasing blogsite's fan in term of social media we generally use Facebook. And highlight your site's Facebook fan-page and let visitor quickly like your fanpage, Facebook's default likebox is very useful. Now here in this tutorial I'm am presenting Facebook's default likebox in a slide out menu what made with CSS3 and HTML. It will appear on very right side of your side, fixed at it's position and the words 'Like us on Facebook' as anchor title, hover with your mouse pointer the Facebook likebox will be appear with smooth slide, and removing mouse it will be hide again. Let's see how it looks like and how to add it in your Blogger. Add Slide Out Facebook likebox to Blogger blogs Live Demo- ( here you go ) How to set up: This like box adding has two step, read on- Step 1: Install First log in to your Blogger, select your Blog,  Go to 'Layout' tab, select 'add a gadget'  From popup menu select 'Html

How to disable Text selection in Blogger for preventing copy paste

Sometime we need to copy text content from blogsites for personal use. But not all of blogsite user copy text for personal use – a lot of content thief, content scraper copy our websites/blogsites content for use them on their commercial project or use somebody's text content directly on their website. To copy text content from a website firstly we have to select text! This text selection can be turn off. As major Blogging platform known as WordPress and Blogger, WordPress has far advance satisfaction by using variety of plugins. Such as Wp content protect plugin disable text selection from wordpress blogs and in Blogger there is also a solution available to disable Text selection. Let's see how to set it up and how it works. Read on- How to disable Text selection in Blogger for preventing copy paste First Log in to your Blogger, select your Blog,  Go to 'Layout' tab, Click 'add a gadget'  From pop up menu select 'Html/javascript'  And

Add Cool Subscription Box below posts in Blogger

Subscription box helps you to get quickly email subscribers from your posts readers. And Subscription box with social icons turn visitors into your site's fan with several click. And when the subscription box looks cool then you will have a boost on your email subscriber and social media fans. So here a Simple subscription box for you I represent it offers Feedburner email subscription form in smooth format and rounded corner social media profile slot with stunning hover effect what grab attention quickly of visitors. This subscription box offer's 7 major social media profile slot and contains Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linked in, Pinterest, Instragram and Youtube. It made with HTML, CSS, CSS3 and Google font . So Let's see how it looks like, How to add this in your Blogger blog and how to configure. Read on- Add Cool Feedburner Subscription box below posts in Blogger Preview- Live demo- ( here you go ) Backup your template (Optional Step) Lo

Spinning Candy Social media widget for Blogger/Wordpress

Spinning social media profile widget is very cool and attractive. They easily grab visitor's attention and turn visitor into fan quickly. Couple of days ago Crawlist has published ( link ) one of cool Spinning social media profile widget, and now here it's the second version of spinning social media profile widget and it is sweeet candy styled. This Spinning candy social media widget offer's 4 major social media profile slot (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linked in and your site's feed). You can use it in Blogger as well as in wordpress too. Let's see how it looks like how to set up and add this into your Blogger and wordpress site. Spinning Candy Social media widget for Blogger/Wordpress Live :- Preview   Codes- (Offers Big social media profile icons) <style>/* CSS starts*/ .ks-candy { width:300px; margin:auto;} .ks-candy img {-moz-transition: all 0.8s ease-in-out; -webkit-transitio

How to make any widget Sticky in Blogger

'Sticky widget' is very popular now days. Sticky widget basically use for highlight an important widget and that widget easily able to get more attention. Most of websites use sticky widget to highlight newsletter subscribe or advertisement. Usually sticky widget is a widget what sticks to top of the screen and when we scroll that webpage down the widget remains to top position. Again when scroll to top sticky widget automatically reset back to it's original position. It also known as Floating widgets. Making a widget to stick to it's position in Blogger is very easy. It uses a simple jQuery , script code chunk. It will be done by embedding those codes it into your Blogger template and little bit configuring is necessary. Any widget you can make sticky in your Blogger. Let's see how to make any widget sticky in your Blogger blogs:   How to make any widget sticky in Blogger Step 1: Embedding the code Log in to your Blogger dashboard, select your Bl

11 best Author Bio Box WordPress plugins to use

Author bio box is very helpful for both Author and visitors. With Author bio an author gets quick familiarity to his/her audience also Author bio box give an opportunity to author builds up audience and fan by social networking profile option. As a complete blogging platform WordPress has a lot of features and advantage by using plugins. Author box plugins is one of 'em useful tool. These all Author box plugins listed here by their features and all plugins will appear under post basically. Read on- 11 best Author bio box WordPress plugins to use 1. Starbox Starbox Author Box for Humans, Professional Themes to choose from, HTML5, Social Media Profiles Basic features- Build with Html5 Google Microformats (vCard), to display Rich Snippets in google search results Themes to choose from, Fully customizable Easy to customize for each Author, Each Author can make the Author Box look like it's his own, Enables you to upload your own image 10+ social m

How to Replace Older and Newer post links with Post titles (for Blogger blogs)

In our Blogger blogs, After post body we see 'Older post' 'Newer post' links to navigate between next post and previous post. But This 'Older post' and 'newer post' link is very effective. Because these links can not tell a visitor what coming up next or what post they left behind also 'Older post' 'newer post' link reduce your pageview and bounce rate. So getting more descriptive about your site's content to visitor and increasing pageviews, here is a Blogger tutorial for you what can change your Blogger template's boring 'Older post' 'Newer post' link with next and perv post's title ( jquery powered ). Let's see how to do it, read on- How to Replace Older and Newer post links with Post titles This Blogger customizing tutorial has two step to go through, Read on:- First step: Installing jquery library First embed this jquery library into your template- <script type=&q;

Set up 404 Error page for your Blogger blog

You may be already know that a lot of website use customize 404 error (page not found) page. Some of these websites use landing page base 404 error page, some of them use very funny 404 error page and other 404 pages are use creative interface. As you know that Blogger has default option for 404 error pages and this page is customizable to. Blogger's 404 page allows HTML , So you can easily add some codes in default 404 error page box. Here two different style funny but useful 404 pages HTML code given below. These pages developed by me, what offer's a cute ghost!, go back option, contact page link and your site's social media profile option ( Facebook , Twitter and feed). Choose any style and copy codes and paste them into your Blogger, than see a cool Error page in live action. Let's how these look like, how to configure, and set up into Blogger Set up Cool 404 error page for your Blogger Style 1: Shadow style Live Demo- ( Click Here ) Codes for copy

7 ways to customize Mailchimp opt-in/subscription form

Mailchimp email newsletter service is one of the best newsletter service in web. It's free and bundled up with massive amount of features and services. But every great thing have a problem! Mailchimp's problem is, the default subscription forms they provides it's too simple and not what we call eye catchy and professional . But there is a lot of way to customize Mailchimp optin form/subscription sign up forms. Here are the solution to customize Mailchimp's optin/subscription forms. By these option you will be able to create your customized Mailchimp form what will be eye catchy and professional, plus you will get more subscriber for your website very quickly. Read on- 7 ways to customize Mailchimp opt-in/subscription form 1. Jot form Jot form is my favorite form builder. It's free and extremely easy to use. First sign-up for an free account. From pre-builted 5000 form search 'optin form' template, select one for customize or create your one fr

Add Cool Author Bio Box below posts in Blogger blogs

Here is the second version of Crawlist's author biography box for your Blogger. It is more cooler than the previous Author box and fueled up with more function. Let's see What function it offers, how it looks like and how to configure and add it to your Blogger. Author Bio box V2 comes up with Author Image on mouse over zooming effect, stunning Fade hover effect base Metro styled 8 social media profile slot (Facebook, Twitter, Google-plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Dribbble, Instragram and YouTube). Made with CSS3 , HTML, CSS and Google font . This Author bio box promised to make your Blog little more Cool, and Social media profile slot will give your visitor to add you quickly in their network circle and help you to get more audience by them. Let's see how it looks like and how to add it in Blogger blogs. Add Cool Author Bio Box below posts to Blogger blogs Preview- Live Demo- ( here you go ) This author bio box set up has one step. Read on:- Back up

7 Plugins to turn WordPress site into Mobile App

If you want to be more closure with your ( wordpress powered ) website's fan, an app of your site can do that easily, With an app of your website your Website's app user can easily access  your site and read your site's content, receive new post update easily via push notification, even stuff like offline browsing, publish your website's app in various App stores! etc Here some plugin list what will help you to create a website app for your site, And you will not need to hire an app developers for that (without coding and easy). But One thing you need to know first after installing and go through some step don't expect your website's Android, iPhone, Win8, HTML5 app will be generate with extension what you going to offer your site's fan 🙁 All these plugin are offer trial and lite version of this app building service, For unlock all app generating service and option you need to pay a lots of bucks! So keep on reading- 7 Plugins to turn WordPress

11 Best Mobile Theme Switcher WordPress Plugins

Most of our wordpress site's aren't optimize for mobile and tab view. But there is lots of visitors browse your site from their mobile and tabs, any they receive a bad experience to visit your site. Because site doesn't fit with display, make trouble with zooming, don't render and load quickly, navigation become stupid, you ads become unclickable plus there is a lot of trouble faces your site visitors. In that case for wordpress you can choose a option Use responsive themes what will adapt and render your site to any screen or make a mobile version of your wordpress site. Making a mobile version of your site is way better than Using responsive themes. Because mobile version offers cool and lightweight site browsing interface, easy navigation system, ads optimization etc what responsive themes doesn't. Here you can find best mobile theme switcher wordpress plugins what will make mobile theme for your wordpress site. Read on- 11 Best Mobile Theme Switcher Wo