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60 best Free Web Directory for Building Backlinks

Without backlink running a website is worthless and pointless. Building backlink/link building for your website/blogsite there are a lot of source you can use. Submit your website link to several web directories is also a good source for getting good and strong backlinks. There are a lot of web directory I have found around the web, they offer's free and paid web directory service. Going through most of them here I sharing 60 best free web directory for building backlinks. Here some directories works instantly without any condition, some of 'em requires link exchange and some will review your site first (they will track your site's popularity and content quality, than will add you site to their directory). Read on the – 60 best Free Web Directory for Building Backlinks 1. Dmoz 2. So Much 3. Jayde 4. Scrub The Web 5. Yahoo directory 6. 1 Abc 7. Little directory 8. 1 Webs Directory 9. Amray 10. Directory Fire 11. Directory World 12.

Spinning Coffee Cup Social media widget for Blogger/wordpress

Spinning coffee cup style social media profile widget it's a very appealing and demanding fancy social media profile widget ever! And now you can easily add this very cool and very attractive social media profile widget in your Blogger or wordpress sites and make fan for your site very fast. This widget offer's 4 social media profiles and your site's feed (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, feedburner). It made with CSS and HTML and enhanced with CSS3 animation . Let's see how it look like, how to set up and add this to your Blogger blogs and wordpress site. Spinning Coffee Cup Social media widget for Blogger/wordpress Preview- Codes- (Offer's Big social media icons) <style>/* CSS starts*/ .ks-coffee { width:300px; margin:auto;} .ks-coffee img {-moz-transition: all 0.8s ease-in-out; -webkit-transition: all 0.8s ease-in-out; -o-transition: all 0.8s ease-in-out; -ms-transition: al

Fade hover effect base Social Media Widget for Blogger/Wordpress

Static and plain social media profile widget mostly fail to attract your visitors to click on your social profiles and that's why you might lose your valuable fans. Not to lose them and make a bit impression with your social media profiles here I presenting to you Fade hover effect base social media profile widget Here You can find this two set of fade effect base social media profile widget. What you can use in Blogger it also supports WordPress too. It's develop with CSS3, HTML and CSS, easy to use and configure. Let's see what they look like, how to configure and setup:- Inter-glow Social media profile widget for blogger It offer's 50×50 px social profile icon enhanced with getting Fade effect on mouse hover. Containing social profiles are Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linked in, Pinterest, Dribbble, Instragram, Youtube, Tumblr and Feedburner. Demo- Codes for copy- <style>/* CSS starts*/ .ks-metroz {width:3

14 Best eCommerce Plugins for wordpress

WordPress is born to be a blogging platform but to the courtesy of the developers now WordPress can be shape as any type of website. In that case WordPress can be use as eCommerce website by using plugins. Basically there is lot of option to build a eCommerce website but creating a eCommerce website with WordPress has lot more advantage. Like WordPress is easy to use and maintain than other CMS and plugins also make WordPress use more comfortable and handy plus these eCommerce plugin's user interface is very compact and lightweight also offer top class security. And these plugins are Very useful for running a small even big eShop or eCommerce site on self hosted WordPress . It's pretty hard to tell what is the Best eCommerce/shopping cart WordPress plugin solution. But here you can find a list of Best eCommerce plugin for WordPress what listed by it's features, satisfaction, popularity and usability. Keep on reading- 14 Best eCommerce plugins for WordPress

Know instantly why you can not access a website

Sometime we see a website become inaccessible, and that time if you need to visit that website very urgently, inaccessibility of that website make us bother very badly that moment. You may also try proxy to get access and can't access to that way. And that time you can check easily is that website is down just for your or everybody else in the world for surly. By that way you will done try to access that time any way and come back little later. And if you find just for you than you can try proxy or other ways to access inaccessible sites. These tools will help you a lot to make sure a website is really down for everyone not just you! these tool will tell you that the website you trying to access is it offline or not. Down for every one or just for me?  Check a website If you think there something wrong with you and that site. Very lightweight and very useful instant website's downtime checker. Short Url is Is it down right now? Instantly check a website is

Easily add Smooth ‘Scroll To Top’ button in Blogger

If you have very very long posts, after reading you post that will very boring to reach to top of the site. So adding a Back top top button in your Blogger site is very useful to your visitors. You can add two type of Back to top button to reach top of the page Static back to top buttons and Smooth scroll to top buttons. Static buttons are boring so add a Smooth scroll to top button (powered by jQuery ) in your Blogger what generates very cool looking effect for reaching top of the site! How to add Smooth 'Scroll To Top' button in Blogger Smooth Back to top button setup has three steps. Read on- Step 1: Add the jquery First, Log in to Blogger, select your Blog,  Go to 'Template' tab, Select ' Edit Html'  Search (using Ctrl+F or Cmd+F) into code snippet <head> Paste this Phrase under <head> <script type="text/javascript" src="

Easily add ‘Back to top’ button in Blogger

Pressing a single button for go to top of the page/post is way better than keep scrolling for reaching the top. So many websites now using this Back to top/Go to top button for making better satisfaction to visitors. And now you also can easily add this Back to top button in your Blogger site and make your blog more respective for visitor's and professional. How to add 'Back to top' button in Blogger Firstly log in to Blogger, select your Blog,  Go to Layout tab, hit 'add a gadget', select 'Html/Javascript',  Copy any code from below and paste them in content box of 'Html/javascript' and save gadget,  Then See your Back to top button in action. Here 10 different style Back top top/Go to top button code given below. Copy any style and paste in your Blogger blog- Style 1: <!– Back-To-Top-starts–> <div style="position: fixed; z-index: 65535; right: 20px; bottom: 15px;&quo;