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How to Produce an Explainer Video with High-conversion Rate

Do you want to catch the attention of potential customers, leading them down the path to conversion and sales? The video is one of the best ways to create this dynamic pathway to growing sales and your business. But not all videos are created equal. When considering video animation for business, take a long, hard look at explainer videos. As the name suggests, an explainer video dives into the who, what, and why aspects of your business; this means that the information on who you are, what you offer, and why potential customers should give you a look when beginning the decision path towards a purchase. Making the decision to utilize an explainer video as the video animation for a business model that will work for you is a great start. Now let’s examine seven keys to producing high-converting explainer videos that’ll work for you. 7 Keys to Producing High-converting Explainer Videos   1. Start with the script One common mistake made by those eager to create a dazzling video

The Role of Photography in Social Media Marketing

As social media marketing is becoming more important by each passing year, the importance of photography is also going up. Besides, in the last couple of years, the image became the foundation of content marketing. On Facebook alone, several hundreds of images get uploaded every day. And, when you take a look at the most popular social networks, you can clearly see that the images are the content type that gets the most likes and shares. Photography is a key aspect of any social media marketing campaign. And, we can see that it is a trend that businesses started to hire professional photographers to get the best possible shots for their marketing campaigns on social media platforms. Here are the main roles of images in those campaigns. The Role of Photography in Social Media Marketing 1. Branding Strategy The importance of hiring professional photographers and getting photo editing services has never been more emphasized than it is today. These experts can make sure that the

5 Best Live Streaming Apps for Android

Live streaming apps let you broadcast your livestream & tune in to what others are broadcasting all over the world. Today's technology giants Facebook & Twitter, are investing in developing their live streaming platform; cause live streaming platforms can help people and brands connect with their friends or followers in real-time. There are a lot's of live Streaming Apps available for Android, here we listed top 5 Best Live Streaming Apps; read on: 5 Best Live Streaming Apps for Android 1. Periscope Periscope is a live video streaming app for iOS and Android and currently acquired by Twitter before its launch in 2015. Periscope lets you broadcast a video either to a selective group of people or publicly. You can share the link to broadcast on Twitter, Facebook or other social networks. It makes it super-easy to discover trending live streams by listing them out on a map. It features live 360-degrees videos too. 2. YouNow YouNow live video streaming app lets y

5 Best Android Emulators for Windows 2017

Emulator softwares enables one computer system/host to behave like another computer system/guest. The emulator program typically enables the host system to run software/use peripheral devices designed for the guest system. There are a lot's of Emulator softwares for Windows available if you’re looking to run Android on your PC, For instance, Android developers can debug their apps right onto their desktop, gamer can enjoy Android-specific games on a larger screen etc. Here below top 5 Best Android Emulators for Windows 2017 listed, read on: 5 Best Android Emulators for Windows 2017 1. Remix OS Player Remix OS Player is the fastest and most optimized Android emulator on the market and is based on Google’s own Android Studio. Unlike Android Studio and other emulators, it'll let Android developers optimize their apps for the Android PC/Chrome OS environment because of its mouse and multiple window support. It also includes a key mapping tool that allows Android games with

20 Best Front-End Frameworks for Web-developers

Frameworks is one of useful front-end developers tool for faster & better web development. With frameworks one can easily build a well structured, maintainable and upgradable website. It also save much time because there are plenty of readily available elements that one can use. Like Some frameworks provide tools for creating and providing web services. These utilities may offer similar tools as the rest of the web application. Here below top 20 Best Front-End Frameworks for Web-developers listed, read on: 20 Best Front-End Frameworks for Web-developers 1. Bootstrap  Bootstrap is a free and open-source front-end web framework for designing websites and web applications. It contains HTML & CSS base design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. Unlike many web frameworks, it concerns itself with front-end development only. 2. UI Kit UI Kit is a lightweight and modular front-end fram

10 best vector graphics editing software

Vector graphics is the use of polygons to represent images in computer graphics. Vector graphics are based on vectors, which lead through locations called control points or nodes. Each of these points has a definite position on the x- and y-axes of the work plane and determines the direction of the path, each path assigned various attributes, including such values as stroke color, shape, curve, thickness, and fill. Here below top 10 best vector graphics editing software listed, read on: 10 best vector graphics editing software 1. Vector Magic  Vector Magic is vectoring software and service. By using it’s easy to use the web interface, it converts bitmap images to vector images. The process of converting bitmap images to vector image is called tracing or vectorization. It converts JPG, PNG, GIF bitmap images to EPS, SVG, PDF, AI, DXF vector file formats with the world's best auto-tracer. 2. CorelDRAW  CorelDRAW is tracing software with vector illustration and photo edit

5 Must Know Tools for Photo Editing tool

If you are a photographer, a graphic designer, illustrator, or an artist in general, then you certainly need tools or services for image manipulation. Logos, album covers, movie posters, wallpapers, book covers etc. are all designed using photo editing tools, and due to the high demand for quality photos, there are numerous photo editing tools available. The problem with such a high number of tools is that you can easily go for one that lacks the necessary features to help you complete your tasks. Moreover, you can easily end up paying for a software solution even though there is a free version that can be just as effective. In the following article we are going to discuss the top photo editing tools. Hopefully, you will be able to pick the right tool to meet your needs, and a tool you can easily master, so let’s begin. 5 Must Know Tools for Photo Editing tool 1. Photoshop  Photoshop has been around for a very long time and with each new version its features and efficiency ha

4 Annoying Issues That Travel Photographers Have to Deal With

Capturing a beautiful image at just the right time and under the right conditions can speaks volumes about a particular moment, which is why many people choose to take up photography and spread their artistic vision across the world. It is also a potentially lucrative hobby. In the past couple of years numerous travel blogs have become incredibly popular. If you are thinking about becoming one yourself, you should know what are some of the basic problems that travel photographers have to deal with. 4 Annoying Issues That Travel Photographers Have to Deal With 1. Time efficiency Time is of essence when it comes to traveling. You are not always going to have the chance to take that perfect photo because you have limited time to take it. This is something that photographers mentally prepare for but they also take some steps to avoid these types of situations. The best solution is to evaluate your traveling schedule and fine tune it to allow yourself to take the best photos of the

4 Ways Photo Editing Can Boost Your Social Media Efforts

Social media presence plays an important role in running an effective marketing strategy. Owing to the fact that billions of people use social media networks, it is necessary to establish a strong presence. This is something that the majority of businesses are aware of; therefore, the amount of competition is pretty high. All this means that you as a marketer have to go the extra mile and offer something that the competition is not offering. This is where photo editing services are necessary, or even an in-house photo editor. A lot can be achieved with smart photo marketing. Therefore, let’s get into the interesting details of how images and photo editing can help you create a better social media marketing strategy. 4 Ways Photo Editing Can Boost Your Social Media Efforts Overall impact of images on people   The average consumer’s attention span is fairly short nowadays, as millions of people are continuously bombarded with marketing materials wherever they turn. Fo

6 Photo Editing Do’s and Don’ts That Will Make or Break Your Photos

When I was a teenage girl, I had a lot of problems fitting in. Most of the girls in my class wore makeup every day, and my mom was quite traditional, and she didn’t let me do that. This made me feel left out like I was the ugly duckling. Not only did I feel like I didn’t belong with the rest of the group, but I also didn’t feel pretty and attractive. All the girls at this age wanted to look older, and for me, this was not an option. But what I didn’t realize at the time was that most of those girls put too much makeup on, and they ended up looking worse because of it. When I started putting makeup on, I was aware of this, and I used only a little bit so that it was barely noticeable, but still getting the effect I wanted. The same principle applies to photo editing as well. I can’t stress how many good photos I see taken by photographers who do their job well, but then somebody comes along and edits it too much and ruins the artistic value of the photo. Photo editing can either

Pro Photo Editing Tricks to Give Cinematic Effect to your photos

Getting into photography is a great way to work on your creativity in various ways. For some, it is all about capturing breathtaking nature photos, whereas others love capturing important life moments and people’s emotions. There are also those who love taking macro photos which bring small things closer to us What all of these types of photography have in common is post processing, where other kinds of creativity come to life. During the photo editing process, a photographer can completely alter a photo to tell a completely different story. This is why many opt to create an astonishing movie look in their images. Let’s take a look at some ways in which you could use photo editing tricks to give your photo a great cinematic effect. A couple of basics to understand To get on the right foot from the beginning, it is important to understand that you are going to need all your photos to be in the RAW format. This is going to allow you to conduct a lot of editing without affecting