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How to disable Comment on Blogger/Or specific posts

Comment is the most important part of blogsites. This option completes the whole blogging system. Creates opportunity to connect author and reader instantly and gives author the feedback of their writings. In ‘ Blogger ’ platform Comment system comes by default/build-in. And Blogger blog visitor can leave their comments, but not all types of sites/posts needs the comment function. In that case this Comment function can be switched off easily. And how to do that? Read on- How to disable Comment on Blogger This tutorial will disable all the comment form of your Blogger blog. For doing that follow these steps; Log in to Blogger, select your blog Go to ‘Setting’ tab, select ‘Posts and comments’ On ‘Posts and comments’ page, you will find option called ‘Comment location’ Select ‘Hide’ from dropdown , ‘Save settings’ After these entire things done successfully, Comment form will be disappear.   How to disable Comment on specific posts/page This tutorial

4 Important Tutorials for Blogger beginners

Started a blog on Blogger or knowledge is not very deep with Blogger, welcome to this article. In this article I am writing about 4 important tutorials about Blogger (Of course nothing deep, more like general subjects you’ll question about) hope these tutorials will help your Blogging with Blogger. Subjects are: Creating Category Creating Navigation menu Using Jump break Verify Blog on Pinterest Read on- Creating Category in Blogger You can categorize your posts in Blogger as the way you want. This categorizing option known as ‘Label’ in Blogger system; While you writing/editing a post, at right side bar ‘Post setting’ contain the option ‘Label’,  Your Labelled post will be shown in label links like- http://your Creating Navigation menu on Blogger blog Navigation menu is an important part of site; it gives you access to anywhere of a site very easily. Blogger does not have default navigation

Add Nav Menu to Blogger (Dropdown, Floating/Fixed to Header, Social icons)

Navigation menu is an important part of any site. It helps to highlight categories , pages and make easy to surf within your site/blog. Blogger seems to have no Navigation menu by default; all you can do is highlighting some pages in navigation menu area. But also Blogger does not have any restriction to add custom navigation menu! So Here I presenting a custom navigation menu, this menu’s design inspired by multipurpose element on menu. This menu offers: Dropdown function: allow you to add many links Have cool Social media icons: allow you to add 5 different profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, RSS Feed) Fixed to header/Floating style: when the page scroll to down this menu stays on the top its own position This Floating navigation menu made with light weight HTML, CSS and enhanced with CSS3 effects , Google font , 3d icons. Design to Load faster, adapt to any template looks damn good on any designed template, modern-attractive-stylish design and cross br

How to add Meta description to Blogger posts

Meta description plays a vital role for Search engine and visitors both. Meta description contains site/post content’s summary version, what shows in Search result as snippet below title/link and when a person shares post on Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn etc below title/link. A very good and explained Meta description increases the chance of more clicks through rate. So here I am explaining to beginners How to add Meta description to Blogger. Adding Meta description to Blogger posts Blogger’s Meta description set up has two different steps. Read on- 1. General Meta description set up for site name/homepage. To enable and edit your site’s Meta description Go to Blogger account, log in, select your blog Select ‘Setting’ and select ‘Search Preferences’ At Meta tags, Check Yes button to ‘Enable search description’ And put your site’s 150 Characters Meta descriptions, Hit ‘Save Changes’ This Meta description will appear for your Homepage’s search engine spinet/

Add Print/PDF button on Blogger blogs

Sometime some webpage we enter count as very important, and we want to save that page by printing or PDF. Doing that job instantly we basically use Printfrindly service, A free service what allows to save a webpage as PDF and Print instantly but that take little bit of work to visitors. If your webpage contains some info special you can add print/PDF button to your site very easily and that will increase your visitor engagement. And here in this tutorial I am writing about, How to add Print/PDF button to your Blogger blogs. Add Print/PDF button on Blogger blogs Printfrindly offers official button, Below you can see their button generator, Or click this link . In number One step select site type ‘Blogger’ In number two step select button ‘style’ In number three step customize ‘features’ Hit ‘Install on Blogger’ Button. And that will take you to Blogger account- After log in, ‘add page element’ and select ‘Save template’ from ‘Layout’ setting. T