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10 best Health and Fitness monitor app

1. Fitpolo Fitpolo is an amazing mobile app offered by Keguang that comes up with the feature of a health monitor to track your daily activities. It enables you to connect Fitpolo wristband with your smartphone to detect your health and fitness data. The app provides you information about your daily steps, calories burned, distance covered, heart rate, blood pressure, and training time. You can check your health status at the end of the week or month to understand your fitness level. Users can record their health data such as sleep time, heart rate, blood pressure, steps, and calories burnt in HealthKit. This app allows you to set reminders or alarms for incoming calls, new messages, and social notifications. Fitpolo App lets you set your daily goals to maintain your health level. Moreover, it enables you to discover amazing themes to change the appearance of wristband or smartphone. 2. AmazMod  AmazMod is an application that gives you information about your health, weather