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Add (10) Floating ‘Twitter follow badge widget’ on Blogger

You may be seen these floating ‘Twitter follow badge widget’ on many blogsites, which widget appears left or right side of blogs and floats. These badge widgets helps you to get twitter audience faster and easily. For your consideration here I present to you 10 different styles of ‘Twitter follow badge widget’. These widgets come up with lightly coded with CSS3, easy customizable and 10 different styles to choose. Let’s see how they looks like, how to add it on your Blogger blog, how to configure. 1. Twitter house badge (On mouse hover, twitter bird appears) <style> /* CSS starts*/ #ks-floattwitter { position:fixed;_position:absolute;bottom:10%;right:0px;clip: inherit;_top:expression(document.documentElement.scrollTop+document.documentElement.clientHeight-this.clientHeight);_left:expression(document.documentElement.scrollLeft + document.documentElement.clientWidth – offsetWidth);} #ks-floattwitter img{height:100px; width:100px;} /* CSS

Pop Out Social media follow widget for Blogger/Wordpress

After publishing Unique styled Social follow widget constantly (like- Flipping TV , Spinning Coffee cup s, Sidewise Floating icons , Color Flipping Sprite etc) I want to publish another cool Social follow widget calls ‘Pop out Social media follow widget’, design inspired by my similar widget ‘ Truck style social share and bookmarking widget for Blogger ’. This widget’s icons will be come out with mouse hover, also enhanced with CSS3 transition, shadow, opacity blur effects , tooltips. Have trendy 12 Circle style icon (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linked in, Pinterest, Instragram, Stumble upon, App store, You Tube, Vimeo , Rss feed, Email) Any icon can be disable easily if you don’t want to use them. Let’s see how it looks like and how to install on your Blogger blogs/Wordpress sites and configure it 🙂 Pop Out Social media follow widget for Blogger/Wordpress Live Demo-   Codes For Copy- <style> /* CSS starts*/ .ks-boxt

Thin (Flipping) Social icon widget for Blogger

In my previous posts I published a lots of social icon base social profile follow widget. Like Simple round icons , Metro icons , Spinning Coffee cup and Candy , Diy fan count , Flipping TV etc. Continue that job here I publishing another cool social media follow widget. It’s a sprite widget featuring small and thin icons. Actually this widget is inspired by a WordPress theme named ‘ Attitude ’ I found that widget on that theme is pretty neat and cool, so I made a version of that widget. It offer’s 11 social media profile slot (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, Linked in, Tumblr, Vimeo, Myspace, Flickr, YouTube) including a slot for Feed. Icons changes color on mouse hover with flip effect what made entirely with CSS3, CSS and HTML. Let’s see how it looks like and how to configure and add it on your site.  Thin (Flipping) Social icon widget for Blogger Live Demo- Codes for copy- <style> /* CSS starts*/ ul.ks-thin

Floating Social Follow Widget for Blogger

I published some unique styled Social profile follow widget before. Example- Flipping TV , Spinning Coffee cup and Candy , Metro styled , Color flips , Sprite etc. All widgets are trendy and fancy looking and dedicate to make your Blogger site beautiful. And here I am presenting another Social follow widget, it absolutely cool because this widget shown in Right/Left side of your blog instead of sidebar and with mouse hover the icons creates ripple effect. This widget contains Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Feedburner slot. Made with CSS3 keyframes animation, CSS and HTML, Easy to configure and install to Blogger Blogs. Let’s see how it looks like and how to install and configure it 🙂 Floating Social Follow Widget for Blogger Preview- Live Demo- { Ch-Check it out } Codes for copy- Part 1: /* CSS starts*/ #ks-floatbar { position:fixed;_position:absolute;bottom:8%; left:0px ;clip: inherit;_top:expression(

Add eCommerce Shopping cart in Blogger

Do you use Blogger platform for spreading your words out, if you do you may be looking for to sell some of your written/edited eBook, voice/music files though your Blogger site. But Blogger does not have such option (selling your stuff on blogs) by default, so how you suppose to sell these stuffs through your Blogger blog, the answer is using ‘PayPal’ shopping cart . But that option also does not offer fully functional eCommerce site. I that case there is another solution I have found, what I am going to explain here. But this shopping cart service only offers you to run a small range of eCommerce site (cause big  range eCommerce site’s structure, security, SEO and customer maintaining needs whole different level of arrangement and enforcement). So read on ‘Add eCommerce shopping cart in Blogger’ and Turn your Blogger blog into little eCommerce site/shop following few steps: Add eCommerce Shopping cart in Blogger Some info about this cart: Features: Can handle all currencies